Oh, By The Way, Fez Is Delayed. Again.

Earlier this week, Polytron released another "long screenshot" for Fez the perspective-rotating indie game stuck in development hell for more than three years now. Promised for release on Xbox Live Arcade this year, Phil Fish just tweeted that his game has been delayed, yet again, until 2012.

"(and fez is delayed until early 2012)," Fish tweeted sotto voce earlier today. Ya don't say. "debug, details, cert, waiting for cert. microsoft's release buffer. it adds up," Fish said later.

But wait! Waitwaitwaitwait! He followed that up to say "it's only coming out 1-2 months later than it would have. It'll be worth it!"

Of course it is! If you'd been pushing an out-of-gas car from Cape Horn, South America to St. Louis and then realised, "Whoops, actually, we gotta push it to Chicago," you'd think the extra distance was worth it, right? It's trivial compared to how far you've come.

Except everyone is waiting on the car in Milwaukee.


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