Rage Will Require 3 Discs On Xbox 360, 8GB Install On PS3

Rage Will Require 3 Discs On Xbox 360, 8GB Install On PS3

At Eurogamer Expo, the creative director for Rage confirmed that the game will release on three discs for the Xbox 360, and require an 8GB install for PS3 owners.

The three-disc release wasn’t exactly a surprise. At QuakeCon, Joel reported that the game would require 21-22GB of hard drive space if you installed it to your 360. That hinted at a multidisc form for sure. The 8GB installation on the PS3 had been rumoured. id’s Tim Willits confirmed it for Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry, and complimented Sony for its help in managing the installation and permitting one of that size.

“Sony was great. Kudos to Sony for letting us do that,” Willits said. “They don’t allow every game to do that. So definitely, hats off. What we were able to do is install all the textures to the highest level.”

Willits said that while id Software recommends installing the game to the hard drive on the 360, “you don’t need to install all three discs. If you don’t have the space available on your hard drive, don’t stress. Install the first disc, the first chapter, the first half of the game, then when you’re done, uninstall and install disc two.”

Asked to explain what that meant, Willits said: “You can go back if you want to but there’s really no reason to.” Also: “You don’t really need to install the multiplayer disc if you’re really tight on hard disk space.”

Rage: The Return of id Software [Eurogamer — h/t LulzJager]


    • Would prefer to change discs then to wait for that install myself, hopefully they do it like LA Noire, so your not really bouncing between discs too often

      • You’d rather change change discs than wait for a once-off 8gb install?

        Logic defying comments such as these raise suspicions of fanboyism.

        • Thats a bit harsh, I would prefer a 1 disk install but Im happy enough to install them all on my 360 slim and change disks (in fact, im just frigging happy to be supporting discs and not downloadable media!). Besides, it has a nice little retro kick to it that takes me back to the ff7 days.

          • i wouldnt be fussed about disc changing if i had an xbox, i also started gaming having to change discs, something like 20 floppy’s for monkey island o.o but im glad the ps3 will have the maximum textures so the game we get will be no holds barred on the sexiness scale

    • I’m torn as to which system to get it on. I absolutely hate the Dualshock 3 for FPS games! I mean who thought that having an outwards surface on the control sticks was a good idea? Seriously?
      I love the 360’s controller for shooters, but I hate swapping discs… Hence why I purchased LA Noire on my PS3.
      Plus I heard rumblings that the PS3 version will have superior texturing… >.<

    • It’s how things should have been at the start of this console generation

      And the only reason it isn’t is because ms wanted to sell cheapo arcade editions

      Running games from disc is rather impractical.something which isn’t helped by the minuscule amount of ram that the current stash of consoles contain

      It’s one of the reasons the next gen should have 4 preferably 8gb of ram

  • Hopefully it’s implemented right where if you install it on the hard drive you don’t need to change the dics.

    ME2 was a bitch thanks to that.

    Oh well, I’ve ordered a PC retail copy from ozgameshop.

    • Doubt it. Carmack has mentioned on a few occasions that they’ve run into issues with the split memory pool that the PS3 uses.

  • it really does not make any difference. I tend to play a few different games at a time so i swap discs anyway.

    I dont see why people are so happy with their PS3 because of this. Is it really that much of an issue to swap a disc 1 time during the campaign and then have a different disc for multiplayer (as it sounds it will be reading this?)

    Looking forward to the new gen consoles.

    I’d like to see discs gone altogether, digital would just makes more sense.

    • Except then we wouldn’t be able to save money by ordering from overseas, we’d be forced the pay the rediculous prices the US decided to set.

      I guess since there would be no competition though the high prices would mean next gen consoles would fail in Australia.

      • i will NEVER, repeat NEVER stop buying physical copies of games, until they take them off the shelves altogether. the feeling of a disc and the nice manuals and covers sitting on my cupboard is too nice

  • Don’t get too happy about it, PS3 owners. I played this at TGS and it was bloody terrible. Not the game, mind you. The game looks and feels great (even on the PS3 controller which I STILL can’t believe people enjoy using). The problem is the textures. Maybe consoles just don’t have the video RAM for it, but every time you move the camera you watch textures load.

    I’m not talking about walking into a new area or anything. I’m not talking about things that are far away. I’m talking about looking at the empty grey slab that is the floor and watching the textures load in. Then looking up to eye level and watching the texture load back in. Then looking at the floor again and watching the textures load in some more. Distracting and honestly eye straining.

    I will be buying this game and I’m pretty damn sure I’m going to love it. But man, the consoles got screwed. They should’ve just lowered the texture res so there would be some sort of visual consistency.

      • Man, I hope so. It was damn near unplayable.

        I’m getting it on PC regardless, but I figured I’d give console owners a headsup. If it stays like the TGS version its not worth the buy.

        • there was footage of the racing part at tgs on youtube showing the ps3 version and like i say again at sonic boom for me with the game disappearing as i went with sonic through the level. i cant explain why debug consoles crash or forget to draw but i can say simply that that version of the game is a beta. and another thing. i think the ps3 will be able to handle the super textures because of its XDR RAM which is 12x faster than xbox’s (i had to tell someone this because nobody has figured an why it will be able to handle those textures) x3

  • According to the interview on Eurogamer, Mulitplayer is one disc, and there’s a very definitive change point for disc 2.

  • Just built:

    i5-2500k / 16Gb Ram / ATI 6950 x2 (crossfire)

    Looking forward to playing everything on ultra at an above “HD” resolution monitor with a superior control scheme.

    You console kids enjoy your disc swapping…

    • Typical elitist PC gamer response. ‘i has 89jiggbits of rom and 17 graphics cards, and enough fans to significantly slow global warmingz!’ You’re not special, despite what your system specs tell you.

      Enjoy your (likely) ~20GB download. Enjoy the system (assuming built from the ground up) that would have cost you around $1500. Enjoy it being obsolete in 18 months time.

      I’ll enjoy disc swapping on my PS3. Wait…. I won’t be swapping discs? Whaddya know.


      ‘Console kid’

      • To be fair to PC gamers, that’s not the typical response. He’s just being a tool.

        That being said you didn’t exactly respond well. My missus uses a PC I built 4 years ago, it still runs everything perfectly fine. The age of fast track hardware obsolescence mostly dried up one the 360/PS3 gained traction with the Major development houses.

      • My last PC I built 3 years ago. Was gonna get a new one anyway (need it for work).

        It did cost $1500 to build. You are spot on. But your comparison is flawed: I spent $1000 on the PC (which I needed anyway, as do most people) + $500 on graphics (same as a console when they came out) – mind you I could of done well enough with $250.

        So contrary to the bullshit comparison of 1500-2000 dollars vs 300-500, the ‘gaming’ part of the PC cost me the same as a console.

        Secondly, my previous PC was only just starting to feel outdated gaming-wise after 3 years.

        I have an xbox 360 also, good for couch sessions with friends, but for FPS/RTS, PCs soar above other platforms.

      • Also, getting disc version. And no need to drop to personal attacks and judgements. I dont think I’m special because of PC specs – It’s not even close to bleeding edge.

        Sure it might become “obsolete” in a year or so when the next DirectX comes out. But Consoles are even further behind the curve of latest tech so what’s your point?

  • 3 discs vs a mandatory 8gb install.

    Give me the 3 discs any day.

    I loathe the idea that I should install things to my console. It’s a console! I should just be able to put the game in and run it straight away.

    Hence I also never bother installing games on the 360. Totally optional, but I don’t have the room and can’t be arsed searching round my hard drive for stuff to delete before waiting whilst a game installs. Not my idea of fun, thanks.

    3 discs – come on, we’ve all had worse, in my case FFVII, Shenmue 1 & 2 and Panzer Dragoon Saga.

    You only need to change the disc once. And, y’know, I’m not a lazy twat who spends hours at a time immobile on the couch. I can manage getting up and changing a disc.

  • Carmack recommended an install on the xbox for a better experience than ps3. Also last time I checked 21gb is greater than 8gb. Also hope we can install 3 discs and run all from #1?

  • As a quick aside, anyone else feel that those comments in MGS4 were a bit of a joke?

    “Hey Snake, here’s where you have to change the disc. I know it’s a pain but… wait, it’s a PlayStation 3 – you don’t need to because of the blu-ray!”

    (please wait whilst the next chapter installs)

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