Remember This? [UPATED]

Do you remember the game from this part of a screenshot? I'm hoping this one isn't too easy, but I guess we'll see! Leave your answer in the comments, and if no one gets it by 2pm I'll put up a clue. Good luck!


    Space Blob!

    battletoads? for the SNES?

    Don't know why but pandemonium for the ps1? Maybe pandemonium 2?

    Toejam and Earl: Panic on Funkatron.


    My Little Pony: Hendra virus edition (one can dream at least)

    Bubble Bobble?
    Puzzle Bobble??
    Bobbly Wobbly???

    War tadpoles?

    Holy crap you're pulling out some obscure images now!

    You know that feeling when you lose the game week after week, that's how we're feeling now :)

    MS Paint?

    The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

      This is not the right answer, but I am going to give you kudos for it anyway. :D

        Kudos! I Feel so special inside

    I see two butterflies colliding.

    Wait a second...

    This isn't a rorschach test at all!

    Lunatic Fringe, an interactive screensaver from AfterDark

      haha that was an awesome game. pain in the arse waiting for the screensaver to start though...

    F Zero On Snes

    looks like the ooze from the power rangers movie. da da daa da daa..

      I was thinking the same thing!

    Grandia, looks like one of the dungeons.

    Shinobi 3!

    Altered beast, when the boss transforms!

      Nah, the smoke is white in AB.

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