Rift Rises Above Its Level Cap With Ashes Of History

Is it alternative advancement time already? Trion Worlds' Rift got its 1.5 Ashes of History update on today, giving level 50 players the ability to fill a honeycomb-shaped board with powerful new abilities. What else does 1.5 have in store?

How about a master dungeon version Darkening Deeps, promising powerful rewards for elite groups of Ascended; or fresh two-player adventures in the form of Rift Chronicles? Ooo, they've even got veteran player rewards in the mix, rewarding players that have been sticking around since the game launched seven months ago. Man, those veterans sure are a dedicated group.

Hit up the Ashes of History update page to see what else is in store when you log into the game this evening.


    I thought I bought Rift at least a year ago in Jan ..

    on today?

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