Rochard Is Shadow Complex Meets The Gravity Gun

I wonder what playing Shadow Complex would have been like if you had a gravity gun the entire time. Thankfully it looks like the people behind Rochard were thinking the same thing.

A 2-D platform game from Recoil Games, Rochard makes you jump into the oversized boots, and XXL overalls of John Rochard, leader of an unusually bad astro mining team. He gets himself a fancy gravity gun, and you go on your way to solving puzzles and fighting bad dudes.

Rochard is available as a PSN exclusive for $US9.99, downloadable online.


    Looks pretty unpolished... I probably won't be buying it.

      I think it does look very polished actually, however I do say that the developers should not have released a video that so clearly displays the clunkiness of the games controls.

    Cool! Is this the first Unity 3D game to be on the PSN?

    This looks very interesting, it's a shame I don't own a PS3. But if it were on Steam I would be more than happy to purchase it!

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