The Darkness II Trailer Is Black, Bloody And Hopeless

The Darkness comic book has been around since 1996, but you don't need to worry about 15 years of continuity in order to understand 2K Games' The Darkness II. You just need three minutes with Johnny Powell.

Powell here gives us the low-down on The Darkness, from the beginning of time up to the death of Jackie Estacado's girlfriend and beyond. That death, depicted in The Darkness' first video game outing, remains one of the most heartbreaking moments in gaming.

You really shouldn't go into the sequel without giving the first a go, if only to experience that moment. You can find it used at most video game shops for a couple of bucks, and you've got plenty of time to catch up.


    Still have the first one on my game shelf, bar a little dusty i still go it, i read the comics, although the relaunch of Darkness seems to have a lost a little of its original story feel, looking forward to this game (just hope not banned by the board, although if Dead Island got through ....)

    Holy CRAP that looks VIOLENT lol

    First one was really good. Never followed the comics and picked it up cheap with no expectations and was pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to the sequel.

    Oh god. I'd forgotten (possibly read as repressed) Jackies girlfriends death. Manly tears ;_;

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