The Truly Dedicated Gamer Plans Their Diablo III Character In Advance

All of the active skills, passive skills, and runestone modifications available for the five character classes of Diablo III add up to millions of possible character builds. Get a head start on setting up your own with the Diablo III Skill Calculator.

A recent addition to the Diablo III community website, the skill calculator lets plan out their characters from level one to level 30. Assign skills, slot runestones to modify those skills, and pick your level 10, 20 and 30 passives, crafting the Monk, Witch Doctor, Barbarian, Demon Hunter, or Wizard of your dreams. Once your build is complete, link it on Facebook or Twitter, where thousands of Diablo fans will tell you how horrible it is.

It's always nice to get a head start on being ridiculed. Hit up the link for yours!

Diablo III Skill Calculator [Diablo III]


    For theory crafters to find uber builds that Blizz can then get their Q&A team to build and test to make sure there are no OP build or use of bizzare items and mechanics.

    Nice way to search for flaws actually - since WOW has been broken a few times thanks to people investing time into find specific items that make high level abilities insanely powerful.

    Do you have to be online to use this skill calculator?


    if thats a 'Hardcore' gamer (and I assure you I'm not a casual gamer) then what the hell am I? Theres no way I'd waist my life doing that.

      Is creepy I agree. I am also not casual, but not THAT hardcore

      I think it's for a specific type of hardcore gamer. The type for instance that will read all the dungeons and dragons rule books before picking the skills for his character. I'm one of these people but I'm not hardcore in other ways.

      It's an interesting thing to checkout during your lunch break.

      As for as theory craft goes it really isn't very useful, there is no stats or anything to work out what the bonus damage, effect each change is going to have.

      So really all it is is a promotion piece and saying "I want to play a ranged based demon hunter, everybody should buy Diablo III when it is released"

    It would be a nifty feature if they integrated your choices into the game, and then automatically assigned the points as you level up.

    Talent trees and the like are a game within themselves. Nice to see they have made it different to wow.

    As for enjoying planning in advance, I guess you could call me a strategy gamer.

    Though wow killed any future desire in me to study boss fights in depth in advance :P

    so when is the public Beta? Blizzard said by the end of September i remember.....we're half way to the end of September. it hurts watching those guys playing internal Beta testing......
    also, what do they give out when you attend the game launch??? any freebies? i'd love to go to one.

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