This Is How The Diablo III Beta Ends

This Is How The Diablo III Beta Ends

Last night Crecente took us through the first 10 minutes of the Diablo III beta test with his Witch Doctor. Now let’s take a look at the beta’s final moments with my lovely Monk.

After helping rid the town of New Tristam of various lingering undead creatures and retrieving the crown of the Skeleton King, my Monk was tasked with taking down the fallen ruler in order to end the corruption spreading throughout the land. It’s a very noble, very Monkish thing to do.

So I did it three times.

With only 90 minutes of gameplay between creating your character and getting the victory screen, the Diablo III beta isn’t exactly lengthy, but it’s not here to entertain us. It’s here so players can test out the game and its characters, tool around with cooperative play, and try to break things so we can show Blizzard what good beta testers we are.

Once you hit the victory screen you can always start over again. I was level eight when I finished my first play through. I hit level 10 during the second, and as you can see in the video, I’m still level 10 the third time through. The enemies and rewards don’t increase during subsequent plays, so levelling past 10 is a bit of a grind.

Still, we’re here to test, so grind we shall, until the Skeleton King stops respawning, or they update the beta with more content.

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