Watch A Silent Hill Trailer Where The Music Ruins The Action

Here's Konami's new trailer for Silent Hill: Downpour, released during the Tokyo Game Show. A word of advice: you may want to turn your speakers down. And by down, I mean off.


    Well obviously Luke isn't a Korn fan then. Shame that he can't keep that bias out of the post

      I agree.

      lol I think the point is its not Akira doing it, its not the usual creepy and suspensful music

        Had this been a KotakuAU post I would be inclined to agree but since it's KotakuUS I'd say it's more that Luke is continuing the KotakuUS tradition of being a twit.

    There are people who still consider themselves korn fans?

    I feel embarrassed for them.

      And the problem with Korn is?

      By the by, I require a factual response not something drenched in idiocy combined with the "my opinion is worth more than yours" attitude that you give off.

        Sure. They're fucking terrible, and their numetal schtick was tired about 10 years ago.


        Oh, and Johnathon Davis is a whiny fuckstick.

        There's another fact.

        Lastly, if you're a Korn fan in 2011, you're probably also a juggalo, and should probably should get yourself sterilised.

        Fact the third.

        You're welcome.

    Feels like a dodgy, fan-made trailer

      Yeah that felt really 'meh'.

      The tone of that song isn't really what I associate with Silent Hill either.

    They went from Akira Yamaoka to THIS?

    The song makes me want to play the game.

    the song makes me want to avoid the game

    I have to agree, the music just seemed to distract from all the action going on.

    The music made my ears bleed. It was actually punishing to watch.
    This is what I'm used to.

    That is not. I'll possibly still get the game. Maybe I'll try the demo first. This is the first SH I've felt like this aside from Homecoming. If it's anything like that I will have completely lost faith in the series. (It's hanging on by a thread)

    A lot of the music for Silent Hill doesn't actually match the game in anyway shape or form, not even remotely. Most of it is way too poppy and bright. It's still good music though. Hell, Theme of Laura is one of my most favourite pieces of all time.

    So anyone saying this music makes it worse are just being moronic. Yes it's different to what we normally get with Silent Hill but it's still equally out of place.

    yeah this video is fine, and korn is awesome. shitty post..

    Luke is a shit writer anyway. How the hell did he get a job at Kotaku...

    So whens this movie coming out?

    Trailer looks good

    (Doesnt look anything related to a game)

    I thought that was pretty sweet. Korn is a completely different beast to, say, Slipknot.

    I dont mind this actually, it feels like the game is trying to carve out its own identity and atmosphere instead of lamely recycling the music and motifs from silent hill 1 2 and 3.

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