Whoops, You Might Be Playing An Unfinished Version Of Dead Island

Those who have been among the first to download zombie game Dead Island from Steam have been finding things a little odd. A number of features/cheats like no-clipping, which normally aren't available automatically in games, are just a button press away. And there may be a very good, very funny reason for this.

People digging around in the game's code have found a number of references that suggest the version of the game released on Steam is not the retail PC version of Dead Island. Instead, undefined variables and a ton of bugs and glitches indicate the developers/publishers accidentally released an unfinished development build of the game.

There's even stuff hinting that it might be a 360 build of the game.

Which may explain why it keeps crashing. And why people can't get multiplayer working like it should be.

As ridiculous as this sounds, remember, an error like this is often only a mouse click or two away. I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often!

We'll try and find out what's actually gone on, whether what's being suggested is actually the case, and will update if we hear back.


    We havn't got it yet, yay for american bug testers :D

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