16 Minutes Of Soulcalibur V Action Starring Xianghua's Daughter

Why I am upset over this video of new Soulcalibur V character Leixia being played during Paris Game Week?

It's not the missing moves or unfinished command set of the demo version of Leixia. It's not the similarities between the character and her mother, continuing Soulcalibur's tradition of creating offspring characters with very familiar moves.

It's that Xianghua, the character that first appeared as a 16-year-old girl in the original Soulcalibur, has had children. I realise we're skipping ahead a good number of years here, but damn. Now I feel even older than I already do. Somebody get me my Dreamcast and a catheter bag.

Kayane plays Leixia Soul Calibur V at Paris Games Week [YouTube]


    At least there's continuity...unlike other franchises...*cough*SF*cough*

      There's plenty of continuity in Street Fighter, potentially more than SC. Granted, IV and Super IV's stories didn't help things with its ambiguity of which endings were classified as 'canon' while also taking place chronologically before the previous title in the series, but the events of previous games do indeed tie into the motivations of the characters in later games.

      Hell, Capcom even produced a spinoff trilogy of games in order to fill in the backstory between Street Fighter/Fighting Street and Street Fighter II (Street Fighter Alpha; although SFA2's story is more of an update to SFA1's story than a continuation of it), while also making the Final Fight series and its characters canonical to the Street Fighter universe (hence their playable and non-playable appearances in the Alpha series, SF3 and SFIV).

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