70% Of Australia Post's Parcels Are From Online Shopping...

We can't say it's surprising, but the number itself is far greater than we thought it would be. 70% of parcels going through Australia Post are generated from online shopping. We wonder how many of those are from Ozgameshop?

According to External affairs General Manager Alex Twomey, Australia Post are completely revamping their model to accommodate an increase in parcel deliveries. Face to face business is down, but the parcel delivery part of the business is seeing significant growth.

"[We've seen a]10.9 per cent increase in parcel volumes through Australia Post last year," claimed Twomey, talking to the ABC, "a huge growth especially when we are considering the depressed nature of the economy and that's the global economy too, and the impact on the retail industry."

"We are also seeing now for Australia Post over 70 per cent of our parcels are now generated by online shopping, which is amazing to think of because five years ago that just would not have been the case."

The local retail spend is down, and the amount of people coming into Post Offices across the country is also down, with more and more customers opting to communicate through other channels.

"In Australia you are seeing our retail spend online being half what it is in the UK and the US, so if we just even grow over the next few years to where they currently are, this is massive growth and our whole network needs to change just to manage those volumes.

"While our internet is our letters business worst enemy, it is our parcels business best friend. It just keeps driving up our volume."

Apparently the Post Office shake up includes extending hours for parcel pick up locations - long overdue in our humble opinion - and an SMS back-end which informs you the very second your precious video game cargo has arrived.

Australia Post plans to perfect pass the parcel [ABC]


    Not surprising at all.

    It's been years since I've stepped into a retail chain to buy a game so something has to change if they want to stay competitive.

    I approve of the SMS idea, and I approve more of the reaction Gerry Harvey will be having to this news.

      Hah, i'd just settle for staff that aren't assholes.

      Had tracking on my 3DS knew it would arrive at my post office that day. So i went in and said my ticket hasn't arrived in the mail yet, but i know it's here.

      I'm like it's an amazon box, oh wait by the looks of it it's that one on the shelf their with my name written down the side of it. Could you please check.

      No go away.

      2 days later they finally send the bloody you have mail ticket. go back in their the box is in the same position. Stupid woman tottered off outback for 10 minute's till she came back out from and said oh what do you know that was your box.

      there was no need for her to be an arse about it, it's not like her job would have been any harder by giving it to me 2 days earlier cos they still needed my photo ID and my sig

        I had something similar when my 360 was returned from repair. The tracking website said it was at the post office for 2 days but it never arrived at home and I never got a little card.

        In the end I just printed out the tracking details and took that into the post office and they eventually found the parcel.


    Biggest change needed I say, deliver these packages all day every day. sick of missing Friday and having to wait until Monday, its not like they wouldn't be able get people to work on those days.

      "The other one we are going to be doing is parcel lockers. These have got the ability that you can register and it will send you an SMS or an email when your parcels arrived and you can pop down 24/7 and pick that up"

      I read elsewhere that the lockers would be electronic. So I guess you could down after work on Friday night, punch in a code provided in the SMS, and the locker opens. This would be fantastic if they can pull it off!

        I don't understand why they don't just have a 24/7 post office in the city that your packages bounce back to when they can't be delivered. Make it optional!

          Coming from a regional "City" (we meet the minimum requirement for city by about 500 people) i don't think we'de have the customer numbers to justify 24/7 counter service.
          I'd go for the Locker option.

        While I also approve of the parcel locker idea one thing i'm a bit concerned about is that on the auspost website for the trial of these lockers they say only one parcel per locker; I generally have a few things coming at once so makes it difficult.

          Surely it would then end up as multiple SMS, multiple lockers. Manageable initially, could be streamlined over time to as many lockers as required per address.

      Japan offers not only weekend deliveries, but evening ones too. To have a postman come to my door at 7.30pm on a Saturday sure as hell beats going to the post office on a Monday afternoon because I started work before the office even opens..

    Yeah - doesn't surprise me at all, either lol

    It's pretty obvious that letters would be way down, too lol

    Ozgameshop is a UK based company. Yeah, its cheep, but its also unAustralian to buy from there. Then again, I am buying most of my stuff from Mighty Ape, so I am wondering if that's even More unAustralian....

    Extended ours is a good idea. The local Post office shuts at 430PM here, witch is a pain. I think they need to be open the same amount of time as, say, a supermarket. Or until all there parcels are gone. lol. Hell, I would call for the PsotOffice to go 24/7 or at least 24/5. More jobs and all that.

      Fair shake of the sauce bottle! I think its more Un-Australian to let yourself get ripped off, and not support a company that knows exactly what its doing (no matter where in the world they're from)

      Ordering overseas isn't un-australian - it's economics

      The word Un-Australian gets thrown around WAY too often these days

        Could it not also be economics to put money into our economy rather than the UK's?

        But I totally agree about the phrase "un-Australian".

          Not much of that money is going to AU retailers anyway - the large majority of it goes to the (generally)US publisher.

        Yes, what's truly unaustralian is ripping off every last consumer into oblivion, it's been going on for way too long, we must break the regime.

        I hope Gerry Harvey goes broke, I'll go and buy the most expensive champagne from a small liquor store and then toast to Harvey Norman going into liquidation.

      No matter where you buy your games from, they are generally going to be foreign goods (unless you buy one of the few Australian made games).

      If you are going to take the "support Australian industry" position, then why not support those industries that have higher paying jobs and have the opportunity to reflect our cultural values and sense of humour in their output?

      I honestly don't care if buying from overseas is un-australian, I'd rather be un-australian than paying these exorbitant prices. The local industry can burn to the ground for all I care, I'm not buying local unless I have no other choice.

    The extended hours would be great. Where I live, the post office opens from 9am to 5pm, Mon to Fri, not very ideal for those such as myself who has a job elsewhere in the city, and has a parcel to pick up. It'd help a lot if they open on Saturday too, I know some post offices already does this.

    @ TheJagji by that reasoning it would be true be true blue aussie to not react to a changing market and continue to price gouge your customers.

    To ver fair its rarely the shop that is doing this its mostly distributers pricing for this market

    Unsurprising, I'd imagine online purchases of not just games but books, clothes and other items has ballooned in the past few years.

    I still use letters, not often but I send letters to a close friend of mine in Greece. I find it much better than simple emailing, it feels more sacred and special to do

    How do they know it's online shopping? Is it just an assumption?

    If I get a parcel from an eBay seller, does that count? What about if I send my niece in QLD a book for her birthday?

    The packaging would look the same...

      not always; in most cases when I order from places like ozgameshop, amazon etc it states that its come from there on the packaging (invoice and whatnot).

    I ordered Gears 3 from OzGameshop and it took about a week for it to arrive, only thing is, the mailman didn't deliver it! Some chick dropped it off saying she recieved it and Ive never seen her in the surrounding streets. Auspost is comletely unreliable so I'm buying from retail again. Bought Rage Anarchy edition for 64 from Harvey Norman, only 6 dollars more than ozgameshop and I get it instantly. Until auspost can actually deliver to the right address, no more games from overseas, sorry OGS.

      You get it instantly - but you still had to drive there and deal with an employee - petrol to get where you need to go, a cheeky icecream from the servo. You're paying more than $64 for Rage in the end.

      I prefer the click, click, click method. I also pay less and only have to move to the door to get it. Plus I eat a salad roll instead of an icecream.

      By this logic, buying online is healthier.

        By this logic, people always get an ice-cream when getting a game and all they do when they go to the stores is get a single game.

        I go to Chadstone on some weekends, walk around (more than you to just the door), maybe get a game, get a meal and perhaps see a movie. The cost of petrol is then justified because I do more than get a game.

        Also, getting it from the store is a lot more reliable than getting from a website. And it's easier to return, you have human contact and you don't have to deal with e-mail customer service because you can actually go down there.

          Exactly Joshy, I am glad you understand that people always buy icecream and games together. I thought that was gonna be a tough one to prove.

          I don't know what kind of a rock a Chadstone is, but it must be pretty big and heavy to have blinded you from the sarcasm in my post.

          The savings to be made online however, especially when the dollar is strong, is a serious point in my post. Blackhawk did pick up rage pretty cheap at Harvey Norman though - ill give you that.

        I rarely buy ice-cream, and I don't think I've ever bought one and a game at the same time, as for dealing with employees, a little social interaction never hurt anyone. And as for petrol, I went to Harvey Norman to look at some other stuff as well, so I didn't waste petrol on a single trip to get one thing. Biggest surprise to me is how cheap Rage actually was, and that it was at Harvey Norman.

      Is that why nearly all my bloody ozgameshop orders have gone missing? I have been telling them to send it to my PO Box...yet i never receive them... wtf?

    The changes are very welcome.
    We just went away for 2 weeks and paid AusPost to get our mail stopped because we were expecting some parcels. A week after we left my brother-in-law found some packages left at our doorstep and when we arrived home there were two more at our front door plus one in the mailbox. We're just lucky we live in a fairly good area.

    Nail. Coffin. Retail. etc.

    I get heaps of packages and often they're sent EMS, so they require a signature. That means the local delivery guy just cards them without even trying. And you can't go to the post office and pick it up until the next day, before 4:30pm but after 10am when they're open, which happens to be when I'm at work. And they open for two hours on a Saturday morning but they are alwasy incredibly angry about the fact they have to provide "service" to you, and make it quite clear that they hate you. You're inconveniencing them by picking up your packages. Oh, and it has to be in the book to be picked up, becuase they've always used a paper tracking system and computers weren't invented yet.

    I've started sending most couriered stuff to work now. But my EMS packages are too large often to send to work, and at least one of the retailers I buy from regularly won't ship to an international address that's different to the billing address. So I have to suffer through this once or twice a month.

    I especially like going into the post office the following day to get a package and being told that they can't find it after they "look" around for ten minutes. When I can see the package sitting right there behind the counter. They get really snarky when you point it out too. This has happened to me at least three times. :\

      You should see if you can get your work address added to your card as an extra address. Then you should be able to put your work address as the billing address when needed.

      I got that done a few months ago and haven't had any issues so far.

      I can shed some light on the paper record bit: the counter staff don't have access to the tracking history, and having a paper record is a little bit of voodoo to ensure that a human has at some point acknowledged the parcel.

    I've had two parcels sent to me for competition wins over the past year that never arrived. Both senders assured me they sent them, and I believe them because they're respected companies like Triple M and, well, Kotaku.

    It's fair to say that I'm not the biggest fan of AusPost at the moment, and they're probably the biggest reason I don't use OzGameShop.

    This much international postage, yet they can't manage to get my copy of Xenoblade Chronocles from Zavvi to my doorstep!?!? (1st copy got lost, 2nd is nearly 3 weeks since dispatch)

    It's good to hear that Australia Post is moving with the times and learning to adapt to online retailing - if only some other companies were willing to do so!

    I do sometimes get a bit nervous when having to wait for mail (I don't like it poking out of the letterbox for everyone to see), but luckily the AusPost people in my area are great - the postie always rings the doorbell and makes an effort to see if I'm home to sign for parcels, and the local Post Office has friendly people who know what they're doing.

    I haven't had any problems with getting any parcels so far!

    Also, for people saying we're driving money off-shore when spending overseas, this article shows that at least some of it gets back to Australia - extended Post Office hours means more people are either being employed or given more hours. It'd be interesting to see what the economics are in terms of the money lost overseas compared to the money put into the economy through logistics.

    Shows you how expensive Australian retailers are on products and that they need to cut their profit margins in order for their stores to survive in the future. As most would buy locally if they weren't forced to pay twice or more for the same item as overseas.

    The funny thing is, Australia Post has known for years that the Internet is driving up the parcel business. Literally, years. One of my first jobs was in a post office in the early 2000s, and eBay was driving parcel sales even then. They've had years to adapt and they're only doing it now (admittedly, they did increase the importance of Express Post in the last reshuffle).

    That said, at least they're not the US postal service, which is looking to shut down entirely because they're incompetent and depressing.

    Don't you experience online problems when you order a game from overseas?

    Auspost suck.

    I used to spam competitions for awhile and I've won about 50 or so times since 2009. Unfortunately, with many comps, they don't notify you if you've won something so they just send it to you and if you don't receive a notification card, you'll never know its there. Scares me to think of any other stuff I never realised I may have won that was never collected.

    Also, one must consider that many people live in apartment blocks nowadays and I've lost count of the times I've noticed other persons' mail or notification cards in my mailbox. I understand there is always a level of human error but it annoys me that I always have to go the PO and harass the staff for my stuff all the time because someone in the system is incapable of leaving me that stupid little card in my mail.

    (I live 5 minutes walk from my PO as well so I can't fathom to understand why this is such a difficult task)

    Nowadays, most of my stuff just gets delivered to work instead.

      And be wary if you ever need to send a parcel overseas.

      If it's over 250grams and you need it sent registered, Auspost will extort you mercilessly.

        Yep, because they don't open normal hours or on weekends, they charge you (even after paying for delivery) again to transfer it to the post office that's closest to you. Because, heaven forbid that they deliver the parcel to the closest office. Or, you know, deliver to your safe and secure door. They get no money that way.

        I even got on to the ombudsman about this, just to get my mail delivered. However, they are completely useless for any complaint. If you don't have the money to get justice, you never will.

    The only problem i have ever had (for the last 10 years roughly) is that they leave all packages on your door step - no card in the letter box, no knock at the door NOTHING.
    I have had a $400 wireless modem left on my doorstep, $200 worth od BluRays and i have even had the Aus Post guy give the stuff to my neighbour to give to me - Who the hell does that?
    Back in the day if you werent at home they would take the parcel back to the post office and leave a card in the letter box foor you to pick it up. Obviously they dont get paid now if that happens.

    The reason i don't go into most of the retail stores is because the customer service is really horrible.

    This Australia Post topic makes me rage so hard.

    I don't usually mind waiting a good week or maybe two to get something cool in the mail, but trust you me, there is no bloody way you can convince me that there is any reason Auspost shouldn't be open on weekends, even if it was only saturday mornings. Because when I get my computer parts/games/whatever in the mail, I usually can't wait to use it and it's very convenient when I get it before the weekend so I have the time to enjoy it. But when it arrives on bloody Friday night/saturday, I have to wait until monday and that means a week full of work and I have trouble fitting in time to spend with my new toys. That is, about 4 hours each night on average.

    The bank is open on weekends. The supermarket is open on weekends. Hell, the chicken shop is run by bogans and it's open on weekends. Why isn't the bloody post office?

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