PS5 Adapters For PSVR Units Are Delayed In Australia

PS5 Adapters For PSVR Units Are Delayed In Australia
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In the lead-up to the PS5 launch, Sony reassured PSVR owners the tech wouldn’t be left behind. Users were encouraged to head to the Sony website to apply for a special adapter designed to integrate PSVR compatibility with the PS5. Sadly, none of these adapters have landed in Australia.

In a Reddit thread kicked off by user Thomasfreid, Australian PSVR owners have collated their experiences and described frustrations at not having received any news or update on shipments scheduled for November. Many applied for the adapter when requests opened and later received email confirmations with confirmed shipment details, including a window for delivery.

Users who applied received the following email from Sony, indicating parcels had been shipped and would be delivered within a two week period during November:

Image: Kotaku Australia

Sadly, it appears these parcels have been delayed at some point in the shipping process.

In a reply to a user, the Ask PlayStation ANZ support Twitter confirmed a known delay with the devices and indicated a new timeframe for delivery:

It’s currently unclear when the five week period commenced as many users report already waiting far longer for their adapters. As of writing, it appears no units have been successfully shipped out with reports over the past week noting a mounting frustration with the process.

Shipment emails indicate the PSVR adapter is shipping out of Europe, which may explain the lengthy nature of this delay. Coronavirus protocols in Australian postal offices are far stricter than in other regions. There’s also far fewer passenger and international flights departing, meaning overseas parcels (particularly bulk deliveries) are more difficult to organise.

If you’re currently waiting for your PSVR adapter to be delivered, the existing advice is to wait patiently. While users expected these devices to be available on launch for PS5, the situation is currently out of Sony’s hands due to the global pandemic. Early 2021 is currently the best guess for delivery.

No official update has been provided, which likely caused much of the confusion online, but it appears the situation is known and already being handled. Sit tight and stay tuned for further updates.

Kotaku Australia has reached out to local representatives from Sony to determine the status of Australian PSVR adapter shipments. Should we hear back, we’ll update this article with comment.

Update: 3:10pm 11/7 – As per several Kotaku Australia reader comments and emails, it appears these adapters are currently arriving to local Aussies as of early January. If you ordered your adapter at launch, keep an eye on your mail in the weeks ahead.


  • Yup. Applied day one, got my confirmation email day one, haven’t heard a peep since. Months later. Bit more than five weeks.

      • Applied for mine 10th November, said shipments to begin mid-November in my reply email and… nothing..

        Happy to hear they’re arriving, but the complete lack of information is a bit slack. A mass mailout to the applicants would’ve been nice.

  • Odd seeing this article today as my partner has informed me that a package was delivered this morning that says “Adaptor” on it. I’m assuming this is the PSVR adaptor as it’s the only delivery I’m currently waiting on.
    Intriguingly it says it’s from Germany?

  • I was wondering about that last night. Not in a huge rush for it but I was beginning to think I’d slipped through the cracks.

  • I emailed PlayStation support the other week. After providing my details, they sent an email notifying me of the delay and further delay due to the holiday period.

  • I got my confirmation on 30/10/19, got my shipping email on 13/11/19 and still waiting. Had called Sony before Christmas to ask and they created a support ticket. Have had two emails over the last couple of days asking if I had received it yet, and then for some extra details.

    Pretty annoying to be honest, holidays are about to end and I havent been able to use the PSVR on the PS5 at all.

  • Applied on the 30th October, got a shipping email on the 13th November. Still haven’t seen it. Wouldn’t blame Sony though. There are continental plates that move faster than Australia Post. I’ve ordered stuff from Melbourne and from London at the same time. The stuff from London arrived in three days. The stuff from Melbourne, five weeks.

  • Same here.
    I was a day one order and still Nada.
    Shame, because it’s the one thing I’m still wondering about my PS5-how will the PSVR run on it?
    I’m obviously not expecting miracles like higher resolution, which is obviously impossible.
    But I’m wondering whether the frame rate could get bumped up at least or something.
    Gonna be hard to go back after using my quest 2 for a few weeks.

  • Update: My adapter got delivered today!

    Was looking forward to trying it out with RE7…but I soiled my pants enough while trying it flat-screen last night, so I might give VR a miss.

  • Mine arrived today (11th Jan) too. Little brown cardboard envelope about the size of a postcard with the adapter and manual inside. Fits inside a mail slot easily enough so don’t stress about them delivering it to a bush and losing it (but it is AusPost so you never know).

  • Update from me, mine arrived today too (Mon 11th Jan) so after all that it sounds like they are finally starting to arrive.
    As Dogman says, it’s only a small cardboard envelope really, so it will almost definitely end up in your letterbox, rather than being taken to the post office.

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