Angry Birds Runs Silky Smooth In Flash 11

Rovio's Andrew Stalbow took the stage during the Adobe keynote at MAX 2011 this afternoon to show off what his company's silly little bird game looked like running on Flash 11. Here's what I saw.

As you can see, the video feed from the MAX 2011 keynote got a little bit jittery when Stalbow took the stage, probably due to the millions of Angry Birds fans shivering at the prospect of another platform to play the game on. What we can see clearly looks lovely, however.

Stalbow says Rovio hopes to have the full game up and running in Flash 11 in the coming months. Good for them!


    Flash is so awesome as it offers so much more as well! Unless... You're a poor sod on an iOS device.

    First: There already is a Flash version. You can play it on Google+ right now. I have.
    Second: Improvements to flash are more than welcome, probably even overdue. But it's on its way out. Not supported on iOS, on other mobile platforms is just plain sucks (on my laptop, too, but that's another issue), and it's looking like even windows 8's metro version of IE won't support it either. Plus with advancements in HTML5 and javascript performqnce

    Flash will be supported in Windows 8. Just not natively or out of the box.

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