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The biggest comedic moment in The Angry Birds Movie happens when two characters find out the giant lake they have been swimming in is a massive pool of Mighty Eagle's urine. They were spitting the water in each other's mouths before that. Surely, The Angry Birds Movie only exists because of deep-seated insecurity.


Angry Birds was incredibly hot, like, three years ago. T-shirts, toys and probably too many games... you couldn't escape the upset avians of publisher Rovio's hit series. And now that the public obsession has cooled to lukewarm, we get our first look at the Angry Birds movie.


You might have seen some Angry Birds arcade machines before, but they have just been big-screen ports of the mobile game. There's an official Angry Birds arcade game coming, and it looks a lot more fun than the Angry Birds you've played and are now ignoring steadfastly.


Feature mostly female feathered heroes and released alongside a line of pink-centric toys, one wouldn't be blamed for assuming Angry Birds Stella is a game for "girls." It's a game for any fan of the series who wants to see how far it's come -- and the unfortunate direction its going in.


Years before there was an Angry Birds video game, pet accessory maker Hartz partnered with Seattle artist Juli Adams to release a line of Angry Birds cat toys. A lawsuit filed by Adams this week alleges Hartz unlawfully took her trademarked designs and turned them into a licensing partnership with game developer Rovio that could be worth millions.


Inch by inch, feather by feather, Rovio is turning Angry Birds into the bloody sword-fighting game it was always meant to be. The next step in the hit mobile gaming franchise's evolution from a cute physics-based puzzle game has been available in Australia for a while, and it's finally launched worldwide today.