LunchTimeWaster: More Angry Birds Than Rampage

When I saw the name of this flash game, Collapse It, I secretly hoped that it would be some sort of homage to Rampage, and that I could once again punch buildings into rubble with my own bare, simian hands. Sadly it was not to be - what I got instead was proof (if proof was needed) that Angry Birds is a glorified flash game.

Because Collapse It is a flash game, and it does pretty similar things to Angry Birds. It's a physics based destuction game, where players are invited to plot chaos by planting bombs around structures and watching them collapse, thereby killing the people hiding under the structures.

I liked it - but then, I also liked Angry Birds. You may hate Angry Birds with a dark, festering ungodly passion. If that's the case, then you may want to pass!

Collapse It [NewGrounds]


    It's also on Kongregate. It's basically a clone of a LTW from a while back, Demolition City, but with gore and less difficulty.

      Demolition city was an awesome game. It was one of the few flash games that kept me interested enough to complete.

      The ONLY other flash game that I have ever completed was Meat Boy.

      (Sorry Serrels, I havn't tried K.O.L.M. yet)

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