LunchTimeWaster: Rolling Thunder

I'm not sure I can top yesterday's LunchTimeWaster, which was one of my personal favourites, but I've given it a bash with Rolling Fall.

Like every flash game ever made, Rolling Fall features zombies, but we won't judge it too harshly for that, since it hardly features in the core mechanics.

What are the mechanics? Well Rolling Fall is essentially a physics driven puzzler along the lines of Angry Birds, but revolves around the idea of selectively cutting chains in order to cause the most damage possible.

It's a lot of fun.

Rolling Fall [Played Online]


    Awww... ya got my hopes up thinking it was related to the Amiga game from a zillion years ago :P

    Speaking of... is "Remember This" slowly being phased out, or have you just had other things on your plate, of late?

      The plan is to do remember this on a mon and fri, with LunchTimeWasters being tue, wed, thu. But keen to hear what you guys would prefer?

        I'm always a more-the-merrier sort... prefer an overload of local posts like that rather than a lack of.

        A thought - would be nice with the remember this posts (or something similar) to perhaps work with more recent games, like last 10 years or so rather than 20+. But to stop it being too easy, start with a small portion of the screenshot (zoomed in) and gradually update the pic with progressively zoomed-out versions as the day goes on.

        (well, my 2c anyways, cos I seem to have had no clue whatsoever for the last dozen or so remember this posts :P)

        This sounds good - I couldn't quite work out the pattern yet, but that's a nice balance.

    It's a bit more like Cut the Rope I reckon. Pretty good but I kept trying to swipe the mouse to cut the chains. Other than that personal gripe a nice waste of the Man's time.

    I like the fact you're cutting chains with a knife.

      Yeah, it's a little odd.
      My personal preference is just biting through them..

      Brilliant little lunch time waster, though :)

    Damn my hopes were up too.
    I was only playing Rolling Thunder on mame 2 days still kicks ass.

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