LunchTimeWaster: Arty Indie Game!

Yesterday Cracked posted a comic that slagged off typical pretentious art games, and today I found a game that totally fit into that stereotype. And I loved it!

I am a closet gaming hipster - confirmed.

PRIOR isn't as good as K.O.L.M. - which I consider to be the best arty, Metroid style platformer in the flash domain - but it's very similar, and features a similar level of polish. The idea is that you have no memory, and the very act of playing allows you to unlock your memories, and your abilities along the way. The game is cleverly structured, and the art sparse but functional.

It's completely worthy of your lunchbreak, and features a handful of unique platforming mechanics.

PRIOR [Armor Games]


    A time for mood indeed.

    I liked it for a while. I felt like it borrowed from Portal's mood a bit, but took itself more seriously.

    I have no idea what just happened...

    I think I skipped over a fair few areas though.

    I think I accidentally escaped without finishing the game. Is that supposed to happen??

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