LunchTimeWaster: Life Is a Vertical Platformer

Exploring similar territory to Jason Rohrer's acclaimed Passage, this indie game takes you on a journey from the beginning all the way to the end of your life.

And Everything Started To Fall differs from Passage, however, in that it is actually challenging. It's a platformer where the screen automatically scrolls vertically and forces you to keep pace or else your life will end prematurely.

You'll start as a newborn and progress through different stages of your life as you move up the screen. It mixes things up, too, offering choices at critical junctures and speeding up and slowing down the forced scrolling to reflect your outlook on life at varying ages.

Can you manage to live a full and satisfying life this lunchtime?

And Everything Started To Fall [Game Jolt]


    Am I the only Mac/Safari user that can't play games from gamejolt? Another game linked the other day from there didn't work either... :(

      Well that may be because it's an .exe made in GameMaker

    anyone off put by the 35 + MB filesize should visit the dev's other page at:

    Hi , this is Alexitrón the creator of this game .First I want to thanks Kotaku for this feature .And then I would like to say that the game will only work on Windows since it was made with Game Maker . Also I can see in the screenshot that it was taken from a version with graphical glitches , this is because of GM's horrible screen scaling . If you make that huge download from Game Jolt then you can choose from 3 different versions of the game , hopefully one of them will display correctly on your machine .From my site you can get them in small 3mb files but they have low quality music .
    Again , thanks for the feature Kotaku .

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