LunchTimeWaster: Flippin' Four Birds

You may recall VVVVVV, the fiendish, ingenious and decidedly retro indie platformer, from January. Well, it's uh... been remade. Only this time it's called VVVV.

Not sure where the missing two Vs have gone, but perhaps a clue is in the fact this is a tribute to Terry Cavanagh's original VVVVVV written for the Java4K design competition.

So, just like VVVVVV, VVVV is a retro platformer where you journey from screen to screen avoiding horrible deathtraps and trying to rescue your lost crewmen.

Play it, if only as a reminder that you haven't yet purchased VVVVVV. Then go do that. OK?

VVVV [Java4K]


    Geez, 1252 seconds and 150 deaths later...
    I had enough trouble even finding the crew, let alone actually getting to them.

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