LunchTimeWaster: This Is The Only Level

this-is-the-only-level-picThe trend of literally named indie games continues with This Is The Only Level. Although it's not quite telling the full story.

A single screen platformer, you have to guide your elephant avatar from one yellow pipe to the other to exit the level. But it's not quite the end.

Each subsequent sees you faced with the exact same level layout, only something has changed. The fun is in replaying the same basic area via different means, challenging you to relearn what you know over and over again.

This is indie gaming at its smartest.

This Is The Only Level [Armor Games]


    Umm David? Michael posted this back on Aug 11.. was wondering why it looked familiar :)

      You're missing the meta-gag.

        But I'm also missing an interesting flash game to play at lunch that I haven't already finished =P

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