LunchTimeWaster: Push

LunchTimeWaster: Push

push-pic-1Anyone with a fetish for platformers with novel puzzle mechanics should check this out.

Push is a single-screen platformer. The goal is to guide your character to the shiny yellow exit of each level. You can run left and right as well as jump, and if you hold the jump button you’ll stick to the ceiling.

The novel puzzle mechanic mentioned above is evident when comparing that screenshot up there with the one below. See where I’ve positioned the mouse arrow? Holding down the mouse button emits a radius of block repellent around the arrow, pushing the individual pieces of a platform away.


It’s neat and allows the designers to conjure up all kinds of unexpectedly tricky levels. Even neater, you can design your own levels and submit them to the developer – if they like them, they’ll make them available on the official playlist for everyone to sample.

Push [Bonus Level]

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