LunchTimeWaster: Thomas Was Alone

Now this is special.

Thomas Was Alone is an ultra minimalist puzzle platformer: part Head Over Heels, part Braid. It was created in less than 24 hours by Mike Bithell, a designer at Blitz Games. It's endlessly inventive and does an incredible job of stretching simple mechanics to their natural conclusion. It feels as inventive as any game I've played this year, yet features the most simple, barely functional aesthetic imaginable.

Thomas Was Alone feels like gaming stripped back to the barest essentials, and it's testament to the quality on display that it remains incredible fun.

You must play this game. Thomas Was Alone [Kongregate]


    Oh shit! head over heels! Loved that game.

    Very clever :)

    It's been a while.

    Interesting game but it could definitely do with some improved way to select the blocks. Also with no indication of how far through the game you are it makes it hard to keep going.

    Gotta say I got bored 4 friends in....

    Great game. Ultra minimalist is the right way to describe it. Amazing how much gameplay can be squeezed out of such a simple concept.

    I really liked it. Not overly long, but really liked the minimalistic nature of it, with just a tad of challenge to keep your interest.

    Hate to know this, but the mechanic is very similar to the Shaun the Sheep game "Home Sheep Home"

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