LunchTimeWaster: ONE TWO THREE!

Pfft. Mario, thinks he so great with his triple jumps and his 'wahoo'.

But do you know what's better than a triple jump? A quadruple jump. In mid-air.

1,2,3 is a game that's all about jumping, and collecting three boxes in numerical order. That's it. Why is it so compelling? Well it's got that Super Meat Boy thing of being mind-numbingly difficult, but not unfairly so, meaning that you continue to traverse the learning curve until you succeed. The last two levels are particularly tough.

We enjoyed it. Worth remembering that the game was made in 48 hours for a competition though!

1,2,3 [kongregate]


    Pretty cool game.

    The last few levels were an absolute cakewalk compared to Super Meat Boy (which I have been playing ALOT).

      I agree. Short, simple, sweet bit of challenge platforming.

        It's probably one of my favourite time wasters ever.

    Quick, fun and quirky. Perfect lunch time waster.

    Indeed, a very quick little lunchtime waster there. :)


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