How To Bread Simulator Like Rocky

How To Bread Simulator Like Rocky

I am Bread, the latest game from the people who brought us Surgeon Simulator, is a great game on its own, even in its young stages of Early Access. But it is missing one crucial thing: 1980s sports montage music.

If the title hasn’t given it away, the premise of I am Bread is straightforward enough — you’re a sentient slice of bread with the single-minded goal of becoming a piece of toast. You use the 1,2,3 and 4 keys to control which corner/axis of the piece of bread you want to move on, and the arrow keys to control momentum. If somebody took Bennett Foddy’s QWOP, mixed it in with Katamari Damacy and baked it at 375° F for 45 minutes, you’d get something like this.

For a game in Early Access, it’s fantastic both in its difficulty and absurdity. Making your piece of bread shuffle around a room on its corners requires a level of skill that takes time and patience to achieve. This game is the Dark Souls of baked goods.

One thing I am Bread is missing, however, is a killer soundtrack. The music is the kind of silly, background filler you’d expect from a game about a piece of sentient bread, but it lacks a certain kick. In an attempt to fill that void I stumbled upon the perfect soundtrack: every single 1980s sports montage or victory song ever.

Here’s a play-through of the first level set to Survivor’s Eye of The Tiger, from Rocky III:

Granted, 1980s sports songs work with a lot of things, but there’s just something about a slice of bread trying to achieve the impossible, grappling as hard as it can on refrigerator doors and doing little gluten-rich sit-ups that makes the experience that much more satisfying.

Here are some songs I can confirm work well with I am Bread :

You can pick up I am Bread here.

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