Arkham City Cosplay Turns Normal Man Into Dark Knight

A team of props builders from forum The FX lab have wanted to build a Batman suit for a long, long time. With the success of first Arkham Asylum and now its sequel, Arkham City, they finally found the inspiration/motivation.

So they built a Batsuit based on that found in the games. And it's...well, I'm almost speechless. This thing is perfect. It would not look out of place in a live-action commercial or even a live-action movie, such is the attention to detail.

It took three artists three months to build and will take us three months to get over.

Arkham Asylum Suit —NEW PICS 9/22— [The FX Lab, via TDW]


    All I can say is that is HOLY CRAP BATMAN!!!! This is so well done! I want one now!

      *All I can say is HOLY CRAP BATMAN!!!! This is so well done! I want one now!

        HOLY CRAP BATMAN!!! I want to have the body to show this off now!

    the forearm protectors, knee, shinguards and boots look weird to me.

    Nice work. But paint black around your eyes, dude, all that pink is freaking me out.

      I've always hated that aspect of the movies.

    But will it fly?

      No, but it will fall with style.

    Lets photograph a dark suit on a black backdrop, hurr hurr.

    How much? and give it to me!

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