Batman: Arkham City Shipped 4.6 Million Copies In Its First Week

From the earliest announcements of its existence, Batman: Arkham City stood out as one of the most anticipated titles of 2011. But, in a year with Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 on the way, no one knew just how many units all that anticipation would move.

Well, as of this morning, Warner Bros is saying that the Bat-sequel shipped 4.6 million after just a week of availability. For some comparison, the numbers on Gears of War 3 — which Microsoft's treated as a tentpole release — came in north of three million after a week. It's probably a safe bet to anoint Rocksteady's superhero series as the newest member of gaming's mega-franchises. Of course, with such success comes pressure to exceed previous achievements. So, take a nice holiday, Rocksteady guys. All eyes will be on you when you come back to Gotham City.

[NOTE: To clarify, Gears 3 sold three million and Arkham City shipped 4.6 million. Sales numbers weren't divulged.]


    Good figures and they still have p.c. and maybe ps vita and Wii U next year.Could top 10 mill all up.

    And people thought 2 mill in 2 weeks for DXHR was impressive?

    Also, Gears was only on one platform so they can't really be compared.

    Aside from that, those are really impressive numbers.

    wow i will help that number

    Can't compere the two. Gears is exclusive, Bat is multi.

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