Comparing Video Game Screenshots To Real Photographs

Valve's Source Engine may be getting old in the tooth, but the fact it's constantly updated means it can still produce some surprisingly realistic results. Like this gallery, comparing images taken inside the game engine to photos taken in real life.

Reddit user NullPoint84 has assembled a gallery of pictures in which he's recreated scenes in old photographs using Garry's Mod, an editing suite/tool/game.

Sure, you won't be spending hours staring at the screen trying to work out which is which. We're not dealing with bleeding edge tech here. But they're still great to look at, if only for how the colours and lighting could be copied so closely.

I used Garry's Mod to re-create some old photos I took [Reddit]

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    The beaten up car is the most convincing one - took me a while to figure out which was which. The main problem with the video game ones was that they lack the ability to depict depth and nuance. That last one, compared to the photo, is far too clean.

    The skies look fantastic. Obviously it's a bit easier to do a sky than something like the cars but it's still cool.

    lol looks freaking terrible

    A lot of the missing detail, such as a lot of the detailed curves on the car (mostly wheel arch & window area) could be improved on a lot, but even so, its still damn good looking.

    With some time and excellent 3d skills they could look even close than they do I reckon.

    The fire one looks almost perfect though, very impressed! :)

    No anisotropic filtering? Why?

      Extremely good question.

    I can tell which ones are made in source and which ones are not. Why is this even an article :P

    It's pretty obvious which ones are which. I daresay people who only saw the fake ones would notice pretty quickly as well.

    Just add some tesselation and DoF to the source engine and I couldn't tell the difference ... without my glasses ... in a darkened room ... at 30 feet.

    Source is still my favourite engine.

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