Epic Shows Unreal Tournament 3 Playable, Beautiful In Flash

Epic Games' Tim Sweeney just took the stage at the Adobe MAX event to show off the company's Unreal Engine working (and working impressively) in Adobe Flash. To prove Flash's 3D chops, Epic played a visually updated version of Unreal Tournament 3 running in real time.

Sweeney said the latest Flash 3D tech in Flash Player 11 "upgrades the web" to make it a competitive, viable platform for playing games. Adobe corporate says "As the game console for the web, Flash Player 11, along with AIR 3, allows game publishers to instantly deliver console-quality, immersive 3D games with the broadest reach."

More on Unreal Engine for Flash soon.


    Joel's is longer.

    So will there be a bunch of Facebook games trying to upgrade to Unreal now? I don't know if that sounds terrible or amazing...

      I bet Farmville would look awesome...

        Someone get Bogost on 'CowFragger'. Now.

    LOLOLOL They would take forever to load.... and you would have to still download at elast Temp data to your system. I don't think internet connections are ready for it yet xD

    Someone tell Tony Abbot that we have a use for the NBN now, k, thnx :]

    The name of the engine is unreal. Hmm.

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