Epic To Show New Unreal Engine At The Game Developers’ Conference

Epic To Show New Unreal Engine At The Game Developers’ Conference

Epic Games will be demoing the Unreal Engine 4 at the Game Developers’ Conference next week. At DICE, Epic’s Tim Sweeney said that the engine would require a console much more powerful than the Xbox 360.


    • Really, even though it says Unreal Engine 3 in the title? 😛

      That video was made to show what was capable using the current version of the time UDK, and made to run in real time on current hardware. Admittedly, 3 580’s, but still.

      • Well at the time of seeing it months ago I just figured it was the next iteration of the Unreal Engine. Still will be interesting to see Unreal Engine 4. Especially considering nothing is fully utilizing Unreal Engine 3 yet. As evident by that vid and nothing released or coming looking close to it.

        • I’m honestly surprised that they’re calling it Unreal Engine 4. UE3 was designed to be a bit like the Source engine, and so its been iteratively updated. While the basic code base is the same, some of the stuff you can do now in it would be unthinkable in the original release of UE3.

          So the fact that they’re calling it Unreal Engine 4, means that it’s either a marketing decision, or that they’ve done a total overhaul of how it works, which means we could see features like point cloud calculation natively built into the engine. So, I’d expect it to be designed to run on hardware that would be infeasible in standard budgets currently, and to be optimised towards that end, whereas the UE3 is optimised towards lower end(by todays standards) cards.

          Sorry if this is a little meandering, I haven’t slept in a while.

          • That’s what I mean. By the above video it is clear that UE3 still has a ton of life in it. So if as you say they are completely overhauling the engine for UE4 it better be damn impressive.
            Makes me wonder how early the UE3 was shown before we actually saw any games using it released.

          • IIRC the first screenshots for UE3 appeared in 2004ish, and as far as I know, the first game released that used it was Gears of War, which was 2006. So, two and a halfish years. Which in computer terms is a fair while.

          • I’d say they’re setting it as the standard for the 720 and ps4… like 3 has been the standard for 360 and ps3.

            Personally, I’ve got a few improvements I’d like to see.

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