New Unreal Engine Video Has A Nice Beat You Can Dance To

Today Epic released an Unreal Engine video showing off features game developers will be excited about in 2017, like sequencer cinematic tools and automatic level-of-detail generation. If you are not a developer, feel free to just dance.

Just in time for the Game Developers Conference, the video demonstrates (using an assortment of Epic titles) tools and features that make me want to download a copy of Unreal Engine 4 and fiddle around for about 10 minutes, before realising I have no business even trying. That's 10 minutes I could have been dancing, completely wasted.


    Iv been using the unreal engine for around 17 years now and have to admit its my all time favourite engine and I love how its evolved over the years to become what it is today, even up scaling my old projects through each engine revision just gets easier and easier.

    As someone who was never able to realise any of their own game projects (so far), but as a gamer really appreciates what goes in behind the scenes, I love seeing these showreels as a little educational update on new tech - forget "game sux cant do 8k 60fps", I'm more a fan of "cool auto-LOD can give a 10% performance boost without artists having to manually make six versions of everything!"

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