First Look At Final Fantasy XIV Version 2.0

Final Fantasy XIV Version 2.0 is Square Enix's revamp of FFXIV. Today, the Tokyo-based game maker released images of what's to come in Version 2.0.

The concept screens and concept art show interface, world maps, characters, and weapons, among other things.

Have a look and see how it stacks up to the current version of Final Fantasy XIV.


    Square never did have a problem with art, wouldn't mind some gameplay footage ;)

    That first screenshot is, uh, cluttered :P

      ^^ My first thought.

      You clearly haven't seen many screenshots of people's UIs when they raid in WoW...

        ^ +9001. If people want a Clean UI, they're looking at the wrong genre of game. If they play an MMO with an almost empty, non-cluttered HUD, they're scrubs and their opinion on the matter should mean nothing to you.

          Wouldn't take the word of a Pariah for it.

            At least my name has a meaning most people know.

              It's entirely possible to beat any raid boss in WoW without addons, and thats as a guild, and if they want to attempt that it doesnt mean they are scrubs it means they are too hardcore to give 2 fucks about dps meters (which cause more deaths than anything else IMO), flashing text warnings that come up when the boss yells out something and charges up an attack (omg so hard to tell whats going to happen without addons!) and UI addons that move buttons from the bottom of the screen, to being bunched up in the middle. IT'S PERSONAL PREFERENCE you can call me a fucking scrub if you want lol

            Though since the only thing you could talk about was my name, I take it you can't counter the point at all, which only helps to prove it.

              So, Pariah...
              Player with clutter free UI = Scrub.

              Therefore we must assume...
              Player with cluttered UI = Elite.

              Your logic is cute.

              I bet you can't even see the MMOs you play behind your UIs.

              inb4 defensive chest pounding

                Although it sounds like an elitist distinction, its kind of true. By the time you have a UI with all the information you need to raid - everyone's health/mana, all your abilities/macros, buff/debuff info, boss info and raid warnings - it gets to be that cluttered. If you don't know this information while you raid you can be a handicap for your raid. We say you're a scrub for not having a raid UI like that not because of elitism, but because in the same sense you shouldn't be covering your dashboard in your car when you drive as the HUD is considered mandatory information for a good/safe driver.

                  ^ Precisely that.

                  If you deny yourself access to essential information for the sake of having a little bit more screen real estate, you're an idiot and a scrub.

    Now that is looking a whole lot better. Whoever designed the original UI probably got fired.

      The ENTIRE original team got kicked out the front door.

    What a mess of a game.

      It's an MMORPG.



      Yeah... Kain, Yuffie, Vivi. People that do this in games annoy me, though not as much as the ones that end up with xxxsephirothxxx, which sadly I have seen many a time.

    Can you jump in this game yet? Cause not being able to get up a ramp no higher than my characters knee was retarded.

    The damage has been done, the brand is dead. Why bother trying to resurrect it?

      Because not everyone is like you; giving up after a single failure isn't one of Square Enix' traits. You should know that.

      And also, fuck haters, this looks fantastic.

        After 1 failure!? Try closing in on 6. X-2, 11, 12, 13, and 14. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to buy a crappy game just because it has a new coat of pixels

          X-2 was actually recieved quite well, and only gamers with a boner for X's ending didn't like it. I know a lot of people that love X-2.

          11 is actually a brilliant MMORPG. There aren't a lot of MMORPGs on the level it and WoW are on.

          12 was a pretty damn nice title. Very well recieved and of all the people I've asked about it only a small number disliked it

          13 is brilliant. I really enjoyed it and so have the other people I know that play it. From the looks of things any form of criticism people had about 13 is being addressed in XIII-2.

          Yeah, 14 had failed, but I can see the 2.0 update attempting to be what XIII-2 is to XIII.

          The games are all different, actually. If you want to miss out, be my guest, but know that those games bar the last one haven't failed at all; it's just your opinion there.

            The games were recieved well by reviewers and critics, so the games didn't fail in the slightest.

            inb4 butthurt
            inb4 unwanted personal opinion

              You weren't really in before his butthurt or personal opinions... Just saying :P

    Okay, now make a main series entry that's actually an RPG with this art style. Sick of all the futuristic stuff.

    What a shitty article, this shows us nothing of the game.

      >First look

      If it's any consolation, there's a nice, pretty screenshot at the top. Look! It's in colour too!

    Ff14 already left a bad taste just stick with ff11 or ff type zero that's coming soon

    Based on the 2.0 documentation on lodestone, a lot of the issues that non-JP players had with the game will be resolved come 2.0. i.e. accessibility, content, UI+++.

    Sure the negativity surrounding its launch will be fairly hard to scrub, but a year is a long time.

    With the current lackluster lineup of MMOs currently (with perhaps the exception of Rift), in a year from now I think people will be looking to other things. I think many people will use games like Guild Wars 2 and FFXIV as a stepping stone from WoW/Aion/Rift/FFXI to the next big thing (see Titan).

    Even though these changes are so far away, I take solace in the fact that I will have Battlefield 3, MW3, Diablo 3, and DOTA 2 to chew on while I wait for SE to get this game back on track.

    Whether they should have started to charge BEFORE 1.21 is a different story. 1.20 looks like will have "some" nice changes, but not enough to warrant a subscription fee. I think it would have been better suited for 1.21 when they intend to fully deploy the Job system.

      I get the distinct impression that you're not a star wars fan...

        i'm a star wars fan and i'm not as excited about old republic as i am about guild wars 2. AND i'm a massive bioware fan. Not sure why, old republic looks like an online mass effect set in star wars universe, where as guild wars looks like.. an mmo... but its just my opinion. also, Aussies getting pretty much shafted upsets me a bit

    I've still got this game on my shelf. Uninstalled it about 8 months ago after getting so fed up but judging from this new screenshot it may be worth checking out again - especially with a slicker presentation & a whole overdose of changes

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