Here’s How Game Soundtracks Got Recorded Back In The Day

Old-school heads out there may remember Iron Helix, a sci-fi CD-ROM game that did survival horror in the FMV format that was all the rage then. If you played it, you'll remember how the music tweaked your nerves with a tense layering of synthesiser chords.

Well, composer Peter Stone's uploaded a video that details just how the music got from keyboard to PC and, honestly, I got a little dizzy just watching it. The labyrinthine procedure — which appears to be designed to avoid putting the mix on analogue tape — requires several Apple desktops and a ridiculous amount of routing and re-routing signals. Insanity in pursuit of quality. As for the soundtrack itself, it's got a bit of a Blade Runner Vangelis feeling mixed in with classic industrial drum-thump. Crunchy.

Recording Session for The Iron Helix Music (Digital) [YouTube, via CyberDen]


    ... and I get annoyed when I have to plug in a usb cable to the back of my computer

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