Leeroy Jenkins Gets A Prime-Time Name Check

I'm a fan of buddy crime-solving comedy Psych. The silly nature of the show and its constant references to obscure '80s pop culture suits my downtime perfectly.

But when I heard Shawn Spencer (actor James Roday) bellow out a "Leeroy Jenkins" I thought that maybe it was just a coincidence. So I hit up USA Network to find out if that sly, sorta subtle, name check really was in reference to the famously bad, famously funny World of Warcraft player.

Turns out it was, according to the network's director of communications. And there's one more reason to love Psych.


    Someone in the writing team has amused themselves.

      All the best shows are driven by writers amusing themselves.

    Uh... What else would it be in reference to..?

      Nothing. As in it could have been pure co-incidence.

    I wish he'd watched the video more, and almost perfected that line... It would have been far more funnier, now I have to scratch at youtube for another watch at the original.

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