Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer Demo Will Be In January

At 3:00 of this unboxing video for Battlefield 3 we're shown the card for Mass Effect 3's multiplayer beta, which says it will take place in January. Anyone who buys Battlefield 3 gets into the beta.

On its forums, BioWare just confirmed the Beta is "coming soon" and that there "will be multiple opportunities to qualify for early access." The surest is through the Online Pass included in new copies of Battlefield 3.

Notice of the exact date for the beta will be sent out over Battlefield 3's in-game ticker; you can also sign up for an email notice at

Battlefield 3 multiplayer gamers can also go ahead and access a set of N7 Mass Effect 3 dogtags.

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    There's also a singleplayer portion to the demo, I don't think it's mentioned in this article...

    Silly question; but I ordered BF3 on PS3; but I Mass Effect on X360; would the code force me to beta on PS3?

      It looks like it's tied to your EA account (rather than gamertag/PSN name) with a code, so perhaps not:

      The single player portion is open to everyone from day one regardless, so it's not like you can't download *anything* until you get Battlefield.

      In case someone reads this:

      Yeah, it's just been confirmed by Bioware that any BF3 will unlock the ME3 demo on all platforms:

      "This works across platforms because it is based on your EA account. So if you buy BF3 on PC, yes you can play the MP demo early on xbox 360 (as an example)."

    1. Buy Battefield 3
    2. Take out ME Beta code
    3. Trade in B3
    4. ????
    5. Profit

      Not much profit, you'd be down a fair chunk of cash. You'd probably be better off finding someone who buys BF3 and doesn't care about the ME3 code & grabbing it off them

    Yeah, but is it a beta... or a demo?

      Both. MP beta and SP demo.

        Thats not what he asked..

        The article refers to it as a beta but the guy doing the unboxing and the when you read the Bioware forum its all referred to as a demo..

        Looks like its a demo, not a beta.

        The inclusion in BF3 is for early access.. that kinda backfired for EA for the BF3 beta.

          Oops misunderstood your reply Aidan..

          Still, the Bioware forum refers to MP and SP demos only.. no mention of Beta at all.

            They aren't the same thing? :P

            The MP demo would be a beta version of the game, surely?

    What is the point of this? Why would people interested in the ME3 MP demo be only interested in BF3?

      They confirmed that there are multiple ways to get early access to this demo - some methods with no purchase nessecary.

    This looks like another hint at a broader marketing strategy for ME3. It is obvious that ME is becoming more of shooter and so placing what is essentially an advert in BF3 is saying "you like shooters, try this one. It has multiplayer as well."

    I get that they are trying to appeal to a wider audience, I just hope they pull it off without messing up the single player experience. I would much rather have seen a separate multiplayer game set in the ME universe or DLC that is completely separate from the single player experience.

    Yup.. ME3 is all about the single player for me. I still play ME1 and ME2 just as a sandbox game, ME1 had more sandboxiness but ME2 is more fluid.. I hope ME3 brings back the sandboxiness of ME1 with the fluidness of ME2 tweaked even further.

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