No, There Is No Rape In Portal 2 (But There Were Buddy Cops)

Yesterday during a writer's roundtable at the Game Developers Conference Online, Valve's Erik Wolpaw, Marc Laidlaw and Ted Kosmatka opened up on some of the processes — and problems — they had writing Portal 2.

First up, problems! Wolpaw says that, originally, the idea was to have the player and GLaDOS team up in a "buddy cop" situation, ala Lethal Weapon.

"We had envisioned it as this buddy cop thing, where you'd be together and you'd be bickering and it would be awesome. It honest to God did not occur to us that the buddy cop thing doesn't work if one of you is quiet. It's funny now, everybody's laughing, but it was a true moment of incredible panic for us when we realised we'd painted ourselves into a corner."

How'd they get around this? They turned lemons into Cave Johnson.

"And that's when we decided we need to give her some external thing to deal with. She has a relationship with Cave, realises she was another person, and then there's the bird and other stuff. We run into that a lot with the silent protagonist, even at this point."

The other interesting topic revolved around a bananas theory some crackpot Portal 2 fans have that, based on a single line of unused Cave Johnson dialogue, there was intended to be some kind of scene where the Aperture boss rapes his former assistant. Um. Yeah.

"There's some piece of dialogue in there where Carolyn is saying 'No, no, no, I don't want this. I don't want this", says Wolpaw. "And there's some kind of story on the Internet that apparently people think has been verified that there was a scene where Cave Johnson was raping Carolyn, and that J.K. Simmons wouldn't read the dialogue, so that's why we don't have it [in the game] ."

"Apparently these are people who never saw [prison drama]Oz. J.K. Simmons will do anything if you pay him. But that is absolutely not true. It's like they played the rest of the game and thought we wrote a rape scene in there and had that in there for a while and thought, 'Well maybe we'll ship that.' It's insane."

Writing Valve's silent protagonists [GameSpot]


    What it was supposed to be was

    [OBVIOUS SPOILERS]her being dragged away and turned into GlaDos. The dialog in the game makes it pretty clear that's what happens, and I'd assume Cave was supposed to do his final recording as they're dragging her away for the procedure.

    Cave Johnson: [sickly cough] The point is: if we can store music on a compact disk, why can't we store a man's inteligence and personality on one? So I have the engineers figuring that one out right now. Brain mapping, artificial inteligence... we should've been working on it thirty years ago. And I will say this, and I'm gonna say it on tape so everybody will hear it a hundred times a day: If I die before you people can pour me in to a computer, I want Caroline to run this place.
    [another sickly cough]
    Cave Johnson: Now she'll argue, she say she can't do it. She's modest like that. But you make her! Hell, put her in my computer, I don't care.
    [another sickly cough]
    Cave Johnson: Alright, test's over. You can head on back to your desk.


    This is just copy pasted from gamespot!

      It's Kotaku, what do you expect? Proper journalism?

        Correction: It's Kotaku _USA_. The Kotaku Australia writers are proper (and awesome) journalists. Don't paint them both with the same brush.

        The door is over there mate, if you don't like it here then feel free to leave anytime.

          They shouldn't let it hit them on the way out.

      What else do you do with quotes? You copy them. The exposition in between the quotes covers the same topics, because it's needed to put the quotes in context. Calm your farm.

    Some how forced sex doesn't seem as bas as being turned into a un-personed computer with an eternity long sociopathic compulsion to test for no goal regardless of consequence.

    That said, I'd really like to learn more about that side. As horrible and dark as it is, Glados is so very interesting(in addition to being a potato).

    Can't really see how you could get to rape with the game though - maybe if you'd only heard a handful of the soundclips, but then you don't really count.

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