Pro Battlefield 3 Gamers And "Real World" Stars Team Up For A Shot At $50,000

Well this certainly sounds fun-slash-frustrating. On CBS Interactive's upcoming show The Controller, six pro gamers will be competing against one another in Battlefield 3, but not in the way that you'd think. Rather than sitting down and demonstrating their skills in the game itself, the pros will be competing in real-world physical challenges, then training amateurs to compete against one another in the video game.

The pro gamers in question—Tsquared, MrsViolence, Bravo, Proofy, Mr X and neighbour according to the press release—will not be allowed to touch the controller at all, and instead will be forced to coach their assigned "N00bs" in the ways of war. I anticipate some suuuuuper-frustrated people here, especially considering that several of the n00bs in question are former cast members of "The Real World," a show which I believe is contractually obligated to cast only jerkholes who don't work well with others.

The Controller will be hosted by Jonny Moseley, and premieres on Gamespot this friday at 11:00 AM Eastern. Each episode will be around 10 minutes long, and they'll air through December 9th, at which point a winner will be announced, and walk away with $US50,000. Not bad at all.

Side note: How much do I love that there is a pro gamer whose handle is "Neighbor?" So much.


    So there are pro Battlefield 3 gamers before the games release date?

      They trained extensively on the beta I guess.

      I would imagine that the pro BF3 players are players that are/were pro on BF2, then BF:BC2 and now they've moved up to BF3.

      Not sure about the others, but Tsquared, Neighbour and Bravo are Halo pros (Bravo coaches now)

    They're the pros because no one else has played the game...
    The internet just facepalmed, No one can be pro until a month after release at least.

    well this show is going to fail. its like watching pro footballers teach ppl that have never played a sport b4. i give it 3 episodes.

    looks interesting but I couldn't to think that it would of been better to have them compete against real soldiers then have the real soldiers compete against them in the gaming world, not only it will display that First person shooters like call of duty aren't hype realistic military training simulators but also playing video games doesn't make you are weapons expert either capable of gunning down your fellow man.

    how about sitting the BF3 "pros" in a jungle course, armed with automatic weapons, grenade launchers and then having real special forces types, armed with say pistols hunt them down and kill them.

    Any survivor gets $15m a piece.

      i would pay to see that. it would make a good drinking game whenever a gamer gets shot you take a shot

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