PC Gamers, We Have Some Bad Battlefield News

If you were somehow still holding out hope that the long delayed Battlefield 1943 for the PC would ever become more than a promise, give up now. Developer DICE has finally officially canceled that game (and another Battlefield project).

DICE GM Karl Magnus Troedsson writes on the Battlefield Blog today that the World War II online shooter Battlefield 1943 is kaput. So is the Onslaught expansion for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. "Our talented teams will focus on delivering the greatest possible gaming experience in our next behemoth release," Troedsson writes, referring to Battlefield 3. "We're confident this will lead to an even better experience in Battlefield 3, not only on PC, but on all platforms."

Troedsson calls the PC cancellation of those products a "hard decision", but promises to "continue supporting Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and previous games".

Looking Ahead [Battlefield Blog]


    Not surprised at the outcome, but it is sad that 1943 will never make it's way to PCs.

    Always expected , don't know what sales were like on bf bc2

    But if dice thinks they were pirated too much I can see them not wanting to bother with the release

      According to one of the DICE representatives, the PC version of BFBC2 sold more than the PS3 version and the 360 version (not combined obviously).

    :( how was onslaught mode on the consoles?

      not worth it

      Don't know if it still has the game breaking bug where you couldnt damage anyone, but you could die

    "Bad news, everyone! You're not good enough to go on your next mission."

    Good news everyone BF3 is being developed for the pc so I don't give a rats.

      And consoles so I wouldn't get your hopes up

    It seems to me that this feels a little like down-sizing. If you are a games company with multiple releases and you are doing well, you would try and continue making content for your current releases as well as porting your releases so they can reach a larger audience.

    If you aren't doing so well then you would drop support for previous games and cancel any porting of games so that you can have everyone focus on the next big game you're bringing out. Hopefully this way it will come out faster and be better, and bring in some needed money.

    I think this is evidence of either the company in hard times, or at least the brand of Battlefield.

      Or the PC market in hard times.

      Bad Company 2 sold 2.79 million on 360, 2.09 million on PS3 and only 310,000 on PC. So yeah - why would they put resources into supporting that version?

      But they've sold 5 million copies of the game overall, so I'd hardly say that Dice or the Battlefield brand are in any trouble at all.

        310.000 is still a big number, I seriously doubt they are losing revenue by making PC games.

    I expected this, but surely the port of BF1943 from Xbox 360 to PC couldn't have been that hard. The game was great on 360, why not just tweak the controls for mouse and keyboard and release it? Should have been done ages ago.

    Not suprising, after the release of BC2 and the vietnam expansion pack, why would PC gamers buy this?


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