See More Of Deus Ex: Human Revolution's 'Missing Link' DLC

Have you noticed how Deus Ex: Human Revolution's cyborg hero Adam Jensen is a little like Jesus? Think about it. He dies (mostly) and comes back to life and then goes aout dispatching the wicked. That'd make David Sarif kinda like God, wouldn't it?

And just like the Nazarean's Lost Years, there's a period of time in Jensen's journey that goes unaccounted for. All will be revealed in the upcoming "Missing Link" DLC, which chronicles a three-day gap in the chronology of the game. The walkthrough video above gives you a taste of what "Missing Link" plays like, so you can decide if you're up for more cyberpunk shooter action when the add-on drops later this month.


    A walkthrough with commentary. If it wasn't so banal, I'd say it was treading into spoiler territory.

    Release date please?!

    Jesus comes back from the dead and kicks everybody's arse?! Man I should really read that Bible thing sometime.

    I'm sitting on a truckload of weapons on my Deus Ex endgame!

    THIS is what DLC should be.

    There's obviously a lot of new assets (rather than a mish-mash of tiles strung together by the work experience team to get a bit of cash), new enemy types (I'm liking those Typhoon things from the first 5 minutes of the main game), and obviously new voice work and a decent story.

    Can't wait.

    .... did that just spoil the end of the game?

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