Skullgirls' Latest Fighter Is A Spinning Tortured Soul

A scared schoolgirl trapped in a body fuelled by pain and fury, Painwheel dominates the air and pierces her foes with sharp spikes as the latest character introduced for Reverge Labs' all-girl fighter Skullgirls. You can call her Carol.

Carol was just a regular schoolgirl before she was kidnapped and injected with experimental Skullgirls blood, transforming her into the monster we see before us today. She's not quite as hot as Parasoul or as pleasantly feline as Ms Fortune, but her name is nice and punny. She'll do nicely.

Skullgirls is headed to Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network early next year.


    This game needs a PC port.

    I'm not getting the pun in this one.

      "Painwheel" is a play on "Pinwheel", further accentuated by the sharp, slicey-dicey pinwheel shaped blade on her back and her being fuelled via pain. Thus, "Painwheel".

    Definitely less sexy, but well effed up. I approve.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how this game plays.

    Challenge mode: What fetishes are left?
    We've had:
    Schoolgirl: Filia
    "Buff": Cerebella
    Quirky/Weird: Peacock
    Goth: Parasoul
    Furry: Ms. Fortune
    Freaky/Torture: Painwheel

    I suppose we haven't had the "Sexy, scantily clad, buxom" type yet unless you double count Parasoul. Or a Princess type.

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