Skyrim's Map Leaked, Is Massive

Reportedly obtained via Russian (where else) collector's edition copies of the game, here's what's likely your first look at the game world of the upcoming RPG blockbuster Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Scanned by members of a Russian fan forum, it shows a world that is surprisingly large; if you remember Oblivion's map, it used a hooked shape and large river to make it look bigger than it actually was (of course, even with this trick, it was still massive). Unless the interior mountains in this are utterly impassable, Skyrim's map is just, wham, here's a giant chunk of land, now have at it.

This translated version of the map may not be 100% what you get in the English version, as it's simply a translation of the Russian map (which may have been localised, and not just translated), but it's a good start. Note the nine major cities, each with their own distinctive coat of arms, and what look like smaller settlements scattered between them.

Skyrim will be out on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on November 11.

TES V - Русская игровая карта [Elder]



      You can't wait? Man I am waiting till the GOTY edition with all the DLC for less then the initial price of all combined.

      Thats a lot of waiting.

        Now that's the definition of patience

    Holy mother of god O_O

    I'll have to buy local. I won't be able to wait for postage, I'll just pay extra to get it launch day.

      I consider RRP as a premium for day one.

      (But I'll be waiting a little for Skyrim cause BF3 and ACR and I've never played an Elder Scrolls before so Im prolly not as excited as some)

      I can wait a week if only for the inevitable patch.

      Might be worthwhile, the patch to fix all the game breaking bugs will come out after two weeks. ( Fall-out 3)
      Overseas buy for me. I need cash to also get uncharted.


    Get the pre-orders to get the cloth map folks.

      Does anyone know the dimensions of the cloth map? It's kind of hard to tell from the promo images I've seen.

        Is the GAME preorder map cloth? It looks like paper (same as the EB one?) I still have my Baldur's Gate 2 map, pure clothy goodness.

      I think the correct term is "mapkin".

      And yes, they are the most important item in a collector's edition.

    What about how many miles/kilometres up/down/across? Square metres/miles/km?
    And I'm not too amazed at how big it all is considering games like GTA & Just Cause 2.
    Esp the latter - A whole freaking island.
    Oh, Minecraft is endless!

    But yeah, kudos to the art guys who would have placed every individual item in a room. Just hope it doesn't have the floating item problem like Fallout or (iirc) Oblivion?

      Skyrim's rocking a new in-house engine called the Creation Engine. It should hopefully fix most of the problems with the (rather dated) Gamebryo engine.

        It is often described as a new engine but isn't it just basically an updated Gamebryo?

          From an engineering perspective, almost all engines are really just updated form of previous engines. Source is just updated Quake, as is Call of Duty. Every iteration of the Unreal Engine has been built off the backbone of the previous versions.

          So yes, it is built off the GameBryo engine, but that really doesn't mean much.

    I google'd the Cyrodil and Morrowind maps and those edge lines fit.

    Now KOTAKUians, reckon you could photoshop all those maps together and give us a giant hi-res version of Tamriel?

    will love you long time!!

      Could you imagine if the elder scrolls 9 or whatever actually gave you access to the entirety of Tamriel? Every single region from the series in one giant game.

        There you go ;-)

        Not exactly cutting-edge graphics but I still play it occasionally... It's available as a free download online, as is its sequel Daggerfall. Though you'll wanna make sure you get the community patches to fix bugs and make it run better on modern systems.

        Highly Recommended :)

      That's sorta close...

    Will we be able to go to the Jerall Mountains and peek over at Cyrodiil? That would be absolutely awesome.

    Not really sure how you get scale from that? Those pictures of mountains could just be hill sized ingame?

      Based on the edges(which are states from other TES games), it looks to be somewhere in the field of twice that of oblivion. That's pretty big.

    Not really sure how you get scale from that? Those pictures of mountains could just be hill sized ingame?

    Here is a 1920x1080 Wallpaper I just made from the image:

    I extended the image on the sides (kinda obvious), removed some of the watermarks, and did a little colour correction

    you actually need to make the Cryodil map from Oblivion 40% larger for it to line up with the map and be on the same scale.

    Having said that caNT BLOODY WAIT!

    Erm.. compared to Dagerfall these games are tiny. Yes, Dagerfall wasn't hand crafted but still, The Elder Scrolls has had MUCH MUCH larger maps before.

    It appears someone has shat in my pants

    I'm also having trouble seeing this as a huge map, to be honest. I'm not still incredibly excited for this game, but lining it up with the in-game Cyrodiil map, it looks about the same size to me. Am I missing something? :P

      Ah, that should say "I am still incredibly excited", not "I'm not". Fail...

        Well, Cyrodiil was pretty massive, so I guess it's just that even being of equal size, and from the fact that it looks like it will have way more variety, so I guess, uhh, yeah... I've forgotten where I was going with this.

    A huge map is all very well and good, but if there is nothing to see while traversing it, then it really defeats the point. It was for this reason I found Oblivion unbearable. I would have been happy to walk from one end to the other, but the world was so bland I found myself going against everything I believe in and using their awful fast travel system.

    The winter is coming.

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