Square Enix’s New Engine Could Mean Pretty Games Faster

Square Enix’s New Engine Could Mean Pretty Games Faster

Square Enix, makers of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, is working on a next generation game engine. It’s called the Luminous Engine.

During a recent press event in Tokyo attended by Game Watch Impress (via Edge), Square Enix detailed the Luminous Engine, which can simulate liquids and cloth as well as realtime reflections.

The Luminous Engine is designed with DirectX 11 support, has more advanced AI and allows for augmenting motion capture data. It can be used in developing both small-scale casual games and large-scale epic titles.

According to Square Enix, the new engine can lower development costs by 30 per cent and hopefully lead to quicker development cycles.

With the lengthy development cycles for past Square Enix titles, the Tokyo-based game maker needs to cut as many corners as it can in its development cycles. Save for the quality corner. Keep that.

スクエニCTO橋本氏が語るプロジェクトマネジメント論 [Game Watch Impress via Edge]


  • The eidos side of the squeenix camp has been doing some damn fine PC ports of late. Shall be nice if we see the other side show the PC gamer some love.

  • I can’t decide if its Square’s recent games that are all terrible, or if its just me moving away from the JRPG thing, but i just can’t put up with any of their games anymore. XII was good, before that i liked 8 and 9, 7 was good but overrated, and older ones are too old to be name dropped. I will watch the videos of anything coming out of this engine but i bet it will just be more fantastical pom-pom wearing rabbit things and whiney teenage girls. and boys.

    • Couldn’t agree more. 10 or so years ago I ate up everything Square dished out and I loved it.

      Tbh I think its a bit of everything. What happened to games like Vagrant Story, Brave Fencer Musashi, Final Fantasy (7 & 9), Secret of Mana etc?

      Sorry to say, the numbers in their games get higher, the tech they’re using is better, but somehow IMO their new games look worse (god-awful art direction) and play like sh*t.

    • I still enjoy playing the old games, I think it all started going downhill after Squaresoft got restructured and merged into Square Enix.

      Many of the good employees left during that time and I think it shows.

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