The Legend Of Zelda Hops To iPhone, Until Nintendo Finds Out

The chances of Nintendo ever bringing The Legend of Zelda series to iOS are slim to none, so iTunes seller Scott Avy brought Link to the iPhone himself.

Ultimate iZelda Climb, available now on iTunes for $0.99, is actually two rip-offs in one. First we've got the direct Nintendo swipe of what looks to be Windwaker's Link, hopping from random floating island to random floating island. I'm surprised they didn't go with some sort of play on Skyward Sword for the name.

The creator also manages to swipe some excellent fan art from Deviant artist Kevin Keele to use as a loading screen.

Ultimate iZelda Climb is just the latest in a long line of jumping game rip-offs crafted by Scott Avy's Audio Attack. He's also got Ultimate WoW Jump, Modern Warfare 3 Jump, and even Hello Kitty Hop. What a monster.

I wouldn't expect the game to exist for long. It NeoGAF's attention. It caught our attention. Surely someone from Nintendo is watching?

Ultimate iZelda Climb [iTunes]


    Yyyyep, that one looks awful.

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