This Guy's Art Is Bananas. Literally.

By day, Keisuke Yamada is an electrician. By night, he's a master banana artist, peeling, sculpting, and, yes, eating.

While Yamada's art might not be the most beautiful you'll see, it is the most delicious.

Earlier this year, Yamada's banana art, which he uploaded to Japanese art site Pixiv, became an internet sensation. It was the combination of his sculptures and choice material. Nobody had really seen anything like his work.

While others might have simply seen fruit, Yamada saw dragons, movie characters, and manga archetypes. Then, he brought them to life.

Bananas aren't exactly an ideal material. There's only a short window time before they begin to change colour and texture after being exposed to the air and rot. Yamada must work quickly, and each banana sculpture takes about an hour.

"To create his art, the self proclaimed perfectionist uses a toothpick and spoon," Yamada told the Daily Mail earlier this year. "It began when I peeled a banana and thought it might be interesting to carve a face into the fruit."

Yamada decides what he is going to sculpt, either from ideas suggested from others or his own ideas. The goal, said Yamada, is to creation something that people cannot believe that they are seeing. That's a goal not relegated only to banana art, but held, no doubt, by many artists working in a variety of mediums.

Though, how many artists eat their work when they're finished?

To check out more of Yamada's art, visit his Pixiv page.

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    This would be near impossible for Australians at the moment.

    How dare you show us images of bananas made for art when the delicious yellow mush has not caressed our lips for months.

    1. thats amazing
    2. its scary to look into their eyes
    3. they all just kinda look like penis's

    I only have one thing to say about this;

    Ok sure, it's not me saying it but I think my point is clear! And be damned if you don't agree!

      i want 34 seconds of my life back .___.

        Well you can't have them because you're fat and sassy!

          Hahahaha first comment was I like "heh yeah good reference", but that fat and sassy is the real winner.

      I love that dude's animations :) the bar across the street from my college has a couple of his characters drawn on the toilet walls too. Strange, but better than most toilet scrawl!

      I counter your funny video with another funny video!

        Meh, never liked asdf movies. Always come across as a poor mans weebl's stuff with a dash of Hertzfeldt and TypeQueen/SecretAgentBob.

    I can't even afford to eat banana's let alone sculpt them

      Where do you live? In NYC they sell them in the street fruit wagon vendor's for @ 4 for 1 Dollar. That's pretty cheap by NY standard's.

    So, videogames, eh?

    Oh sweet lord, the chocolate covered one looks like Mr Hankey just went kill crazy

      Howddyyyyy Hooooooooooooo

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