World's Most Absurd Fake Diamond Ring Awarded To Bejeweled-Playing Lovebirds

Laura and Chris Sheriff will celebrate their first anniversary this week. Among their favourite past-times: playing video games. He's more of a Call of Duty. She prefers Bejeweled. He realised she was perfect for him when she got a score in Bejeweled Blitz that he couldn't beat — even after a week of trying. If you can't beat them at Bejeweled Bliz, marry them, or something like that.

The story about these two Maryland-based lovebirds made its way to PopCap, the company that makes Bejeweled. As a side business they apparently also make giant, fake diamond rings, at least one of them.... and they sent it to Laura. PopCap says she got it today. I hope she doesn't hurt anyone with it.


    It's nice to see game company that cares

    "There it is, the world's largest cubic zirconia"

    "What an eyesore!"

    I bought my gf Bejewled 3 the day it came out, she has loved me ever since :P

    Too bad they ruined it by slapping their logo on it.

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