This Is The Best Bejeweled-Playing Machine

Bejeweled 3 is an excellent video game. Normal people play it on computers. But special people — people who work at PopCap, the studio behind the Bejeweled series — get to play it on a massive touch-sensitive TV right in the lobby of their headquarters.

Lucky them. Giant Bejeweled 3 Touch (my name for it) is irresistible, as my own hands can attest.

I took this video of two of PopCap's top men playing the game in their lobby during a visit to the studio last month. It is but another argument that this game needs to come out on the iPad already... and on giant iPads too, for multiplayer.


    Nothing too crazy amazing about this. I have a 42" touchscreen tv in my office and although I've only tested Solitaire on it I'm sure it could handle the pc version of Bejeweled with no problems.

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