Xbox Live Brought Down By "Human Error"

Earlier this morning, at around 9am Pacific, Xbox Live went down for a little while. What's interesting is not the downtime itself (it was brief), but the cause: human error.

A Microsoft statement issued later in the day reads:

The root cause of this outage was human error. A change resulted in an interruption to normal traffic flow within our datacenters, which logged users out and prevented them from logging back in. We're sorry for this, and we'll be updating our processes to prevent this from happening again in the future.

Not being privy to the inner machinations of these services, I find it fascinating there are humans involved at any point at all. Though I guess there should be, somewhere. We don't want Xbox Live becoming self aware. It might increase our Gold subscriptions to cover the cost of its war against humanity.

Issues with Xbox LIVE earlier today [Microsoft]


    And of course the Gold subscription slaves will just go along with it.

      I am a slave and I welcome my hour of downtime, how many hours have been lost to downtime for Sony this year?

        Probably would be valid if the 'downtime' you're using to construct your argument had anything to do with normal network operations, rather than unprecedented data security.

          The slaves at least have their identies unhacked

            except for the fact that there is currently a series of people losing access/control of their xbox live accounts currently due to being hacked ^.^

            sure its not on the level of what happened with sony but its happening and its happening now.

              Hacked... or phished?

              I love how everyone attacks Sony because of the one incident that actually can't happen again. (At least, not with any of the current means)

              Even more hilarious is that people are saying PSN is too unsafe now despite the fact that it's impossible for CFW to access PSN, and it's been that way for ages. And then you just take a look at Xbox Live (that, on 360, didn't even get 5 Months of hack-free activity, while PS3 for 5 Years) and find all of the hacked game lobbies, it honestly makes me laugh.

                "that actually can’t happen again"

                So they've created the world's first unhackable online system? That's awesome...*cough*

                Also, if you think hacked game lobbies is the issue then you're mistaken. Hacked game lobbies are a non-issue in comparison to things like the security of people's personal information.

                  ^^^ I think that the secondary attack on PS3 a week after it was up again proved the new and improved system is still broken :P

          Unprecedented? Far from it. Overrated and publicised by the media? Most definitely.

            I actually meant the m funding the robot side of the mech-human war. Probably should have made that clearer.

            But I'm not a fan of paid multiplayer, so I wont complain too much.

              You know that by being on a console at ALL you're slaves, right?

              Oh no, my game needs updating to do multiplayer. I don't need to wait half an hour for one percent, nor do I need to pay for it.

        Implying a hack is the same as a human error, are we?

        We got free games :p

        I got 9. 3 in Japanese!

          Do you realize that those games were given with NO profit given to the developer? that's not good business practice, but your just sitting on your PS3 laughing as someone sells your name, email and house address to some spam company because the PS3 was forcefully brought down by hackers as opposed to an employee doing a once in 3 YEAR accident. I think that arguing about 1 hour of downtime is no means to claim Xbox is no better than PS3. Paying for multiplayer means you get access to beta's and map packs earlier and a more comprehensive social experience.

    If you listen closely you can hear the sound of somebody getting fired.

      + infinity

    great picture!

      Yeah I too liked it :)

    If I can't play my Battlefield BETA, how can I act better them everybody else for playing it early?

      Play the far superior PC version?

        What? And use clumsly, work-around controls on a device never intended for proper gaming?

        The keyboard.

        You can't be considered a true player if you don't require the fine-touch and superior finesse that an analog control for moving gives - something WADS butchers and demeans.

          That all depends on the type of game you are playing. I know that playing an FPS/Strategy/Simulation game is not ideal on a controller but most other types of games controllers are better.

          I've grown up with playing on PC's and consoles so i'm not exactly biased.

          ^ This +1000 - Though I'm pretty sure it all comes down to what you're used to - I've played on consoles all my life so using a keyboard (I don't mind the mouse so much) feels like I'm bending my hand into an unnatural pose - then again thanks to Minecraft my son now tells me KBM is way easier than twin sticks - so go figure!

          On the outage - fark that was annoying - right after a really good round of BF3 - and worse was that the Xbox Live website said there was no problem yet I clearly couldn't connect up.

          I don't mind outtages but I'd like proper updates on the website if they happen.


    I didnt know this was an outage... I was playing, got kicked.. have then spent a fair while getting back online! I have moved router, changed DNS and restarted every networked piece of kit i have... DAMN you M$... i thought it was my fault!!!!!

    (No it was not my fault)

    Also, seriously guys, its a small downtime. No networked service is ever completely immune. Take it as it is.. a rare event for a solid service. forget about the PSN month long outage for a minute, and both services are very reliable and stable. be greatful for that!

    LULZ nerd wars in teh commentz.

      How do I say "This" without also being a nerd?

      Oh to hell with it. This.


    As far as I can work out, 9am Pacific is 3pm Melbourne. I was kind of hoping this could explain my dropout at around 9pm last night. Nope, probably my wi fi (again).

      Wait, no. That's completely wrong. Bah, I don't really care anyway.

    Don't fire the guy/girl!!

    It's a miracle that the CoD kids didn't start a massacre.

    ROFL homer simpson image is classic for this one.

    It wasn't an employee - Bill Gates just made a call cause he wanted the entire network to himself to test out the Flight Simulator 1996 HD remake.

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