You'll Be Completely Sick Of Angry Birds By The Time Halloween Is Over

With a wide assortment of Angry Birds costumes and accessories available from the game's official shop this Halloween, it's unlikely we'll make it through the holiday without someone tossing a baby through the wall.

That's a bad thing, of course. You certainly wouldn't want to craft an elaborate scaffolding contraption, fill it with babies in pig costumes, and then fling infants dressed as Yellow Birds at it. They'd never be able to pull off the whole secondary propulsion thing. Red Birds are the key here, or Black Birds rigged with explosives.

Kids, don't throw babies. Teens dressed as Angry Birds characters are fair game.

The Angry Birds Halloween Collection [Angry Birds]


    Since when did Halloween becoming "Corporate Mascot Day"? Why not dress up as the Nike "Swoosh" logo, or get all your friends to dress up as each individual letter of "Starbucks" to really send the statement that the public imagination is so horribly dull that people have to turn to logos and commercial characters for costume decisions!

    I assume the title of this article implies I'm not sick of Angry Birds already.

    For fucks' sake.....

    what are they doing?

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