A History Of Battlefield Versus Call Of Duty

A History Of Battlefield Versus Call Of Duty

Battlefield 3 hit stores late last month, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 hits tomorrow. The two series, delivering different takes on first-person shooter warfare, both have a storied history. This mammoth graph charts the history of both series, their games, the sales, the review scores.

Which is series is better? That’s really about personal taste, but this graph gets you some facts to work with if you can’t make up your mind.

Chart created by visual.ly. Make sure to click on the graphic to see it full-sized.



    • Because this article isn’t referring just to MW3. I loved CoD 1 and 2, 4 was good, from than on I started feeling like I was playing the same game each year just with a different coat of paint.

  • a pretty clear trend in the COD franchise, Infinity Ward make great titles, but whenever they let anyone else touch it they produce steaming piles of crap

    • It’s because of the timing of the series call of duty came out the around the times where gaming isn’t just for “nerds” and the reason infinity wards games are more popular is because of MW1 and when they release a new one the players think of the fun times they had in the last one so get it the players are blinded by past times.

  • Call of Duty 1 And UO was and still is the best of the series.

    As much as Activision has whored out the Franchise, there will always be a special place in my heart and memories that cherish the moments of fighting with the 101st airbourne in France on D-Day. Fighting with Price as part of the British 6th Airbourne and Charging Stalingrad with the Russian Soviet Red army.

    IW had it right. The Campaign was long and satisfying and the multiplayer was a nice touch. I miss those days. Noone plays the original COD anymore online.

    2004 was a golden age of PC gaming.

  • DICE are obviously more willing to try new things. They were already exploring future warfare before Infinity Ward had left WWII.

  • i.e. Only Infinity Ward can make a good Call of Duty game (they created it after-all!). Call of Duty had its time, no matter how much it sells. My bets on Battlefield 3! Also its funny how as the series quality has dropped, the sales increase…

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