At Long Last, Chrono Trigger Will Come To IOS

The "at long last" in the title there is maybe a liiitle bit joking -- after all, we've had several versions of Chrono Trigger available for some time now, from the original versions to the Wii virtual console and the Nintendo DS, through the many versions that are playable through emulation. I've played through the game a couple of times now, but haven't touched it in a while, partly because I have been waiting for it to come to iOS.

It's nice to see, then, that Square Enix has been re-releasing so many of its classic games on the iDevices to supplement its original iOS games like Chaos Rings. It sounds as though the iPhone version of Final Fantasy Tactics has a lot of stability and performance issues, though I'm holding out on making a judgement until I pick it up for iPad (assuming it's still slated for release on the larger-screened device). And given the fact that Tactics went for the bananas price of $US16, I'm a little worried that the company is reaming consumers by sticking a huge price tag on what might turn out to be a shoddy port.

Those concerns notwithstanding, it's good to hear that the iOS port of Chrono Trigger is coming in December. Assuming that Square Enix can get the performance up to scratch and doesn't just lazily port the DS version, it should be great. (That may well be a big "if.") I haven't played any of their games via emulation, though I know that's a good way to go as well -- but it'll be neat to see a custom version of the game, particularly if it can take advantage of the iPhone's unique interface.

Too bad the version announced is only for the iPhone and iPod Touch -- a cleaned up version running on the iPad's big screen would be something special, indeed. I've got a note off to Square Enix asking if an iPad version still might be in the works. We'll see.

Chrono Trigger iOS releases next month [Eurogamer]


    $16 - BANANAS. CAN YOU IMAGINE! That's what 1/4 the price of a DS game?

      True, but the game is 15 years old and has been released before many times. 5-10 dollars would be a reasonable price and would be comparable to wiiware classics and the PSN classics.

        Chrono Trigger is 900points on the VC. Looking at wiki which has 2000pt cards at $35 AU, CT on Wii cost $15.75 in real money.

          Hmmmm. So it is. That's kind of a rip off if you ask me, but no one did. IOS price does seem consistent with the others I guess.

            This is your conscience, telling you to go the free route.

    That screenshot, most epic battle in RPG history with AWESOME boss music!

    With all the different versions of this game on so many systems from handhelds to consoles, why on earth would you choose to play this on your iphone? yayz for those that need it, but really, I can't think of a system I'd rather play CT less on.

      I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm looking forward to it on IOS because I take my iPhone everywhere while my DS (with a copy of Chrono Trigger DS right next to it) sits gathering dust on my shelf.

      Although looking at that screenshot, I might dust it off after work...

        Playing Chrono Trigger is short bursts strikes me as the same concept as reading one page of a book a week. I'm sure some people do it and enjoy it, but I still it's a bit silly. Let's not get into battery life.

    Id rather it was something OTHER than iOS

    Finally, someone recognises Chaos Rings!

    I'd pay $16 for Chrono Trigger, no qualms at all. Except once again, it's on iOS. This upsets me.

    Every new port gives me the opportunity to buy the same game, over and over! Hoorah!

    $16 screw that? $5 then sure. Square is the retarded friend of Capcom these days

    I have it on DS, I'm good.

    I will not pay more than $0.99 for a game I already own on other system

    Yes, it it a good game. But REALLY? iOS? Yay, now it has been released on everything. Fanfuckingtastic, can we have something new now?


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